The CFL - "Bush League"

The CFL in my opinion has looked like a “bush league” in at least the past 2 years.

To begin with there seems to be a Flag (Penalty) assessed in about 1 of every 3 plays this year. The game is almost unwatchable … certainly not worth the $$ for attendance. I can’t believe the league front office or the advertisers are willing to put up with the inferior product.

It is certainly amusing to watch/listen to the commentators try and put a positive spin on the results. Surely (Milt, Matt, Chris and Paul) must be embarrassed to try and make the play look professional when it certainly is not.

Thank God the NFL is starting in a couple of weeks … or at least there are “the Big Bang Theory” reruns to view.

Solid first post. Welcome :thdn:

Hey, we had two solid games this week. And that's 2 out of 3 if 1 pretends Montreal doesn't exist this year, or even 2 out of 2 if the same 1 considers the fact 1 team is an expansion team.

But honestly the NFL can just as easily have as many penalties. And if PI challenge flags bug you just fast forward through them.

Only the NHL is a bush league in this country (especially if you're a Canuck fan). It is the only league in this country that has teams where they don't belong, making it really a two-tiered league.

I wish mods would ban trolls like this. If you don't like the CFL, don't come here and post, stick to the NFL forums and websites you no doubt visit regularly. Leave us alone, we don't need anymore "NFL is better" trolls (too many of those here already).

AMEN to that.

If I have to read one more topic starter like this I'm gonna puke.

Be critical of any aspect you want but discuss it without rolling out your "CFL is bush league" and "NFL is superior" garbage.

Leave our site alone and sling your garbage elsewhere.

We'll to be honest.. I watched the redblacks return the kick to mid field only to be penalized...then a few penalties later they were on their 6 yard line and Burris was actually laughing!! Like if the highest paid player in the league treats the league as a joke...why should the fans take it seriously

No, let this person stick around.
We need someone to dump on other than Winnipeg Beach Bum Blaster.

Maybe this guy and WBBB should meet up.
The Bum Blaster and the Big Bang Theorist should get along really well!

As dull and sloppy as the CFL has been this year I will take a dozen Big Bagel Theory episodes over the No Fun League any day and 7 times on Sunday. 8)

I second that..

Its to bad there is no CFL video game, I played the x box nfl game this weekend, the play by play computer analysis was just like a real nfl game, egotestical, every player is a god garbage!!!
If there was a CFL game to try it would put the nfl game to shame, The CFL is big play football not a game of stats like the nfl
I agree the zebras in the CFL should stop throwing so many flags, I think this is Higgins legacy unfortunately, the BOG should step in!!

A CFL video game would have a flag on every play, no player profiles (they change to often to keep up), but officials profiles and Rowdy Rod Black on play-by-play with Duane Dimwit Forde on colour. Oooooo-eeeeeeeee, counts me in Bubba and tells me where I gots to go to git me one of dem dere game playing mashines. :wink:

Ill agree about player turnover with the Ticats this year, but your relations with "Bubba" are your private matter :cowboy:

Why don't people just ignore these threads? why comment?? - anytime you see that word "BUSH" league you know that someone is trying to fire up CFL
Saying "Bush" league to a CFL fans is like waving a red flag at a bull or using the "N" word, you know there will be a backlash. Yell "Bush" league at a CFL game and you could start a riot.

On the matter of flags I would like to ask this question. Why would a team that tries to play by the rule and gets few penalties get punished because the opposing team plays undisciplined football but does not like the fact it costs them?

If fans don't like the flags complain to the offending teams who can't control their players. I agree there is a lot of holding and it appears they call those where it could have had a direct effect on the yards gained. I'm good with letting the inconsequential hold go.

Yes, why call a hold or an interference penalty if it has no bearing on the play? The problem is you have an official who is nowhere near the ball or the play throwing a flag.

Why commit an interference or holding infraction if it's got no bearing on the play? Should we selectively start calling procedure or too many men as well? That 13th man on the field at the Grey Cup had no bearing on the outcome of the kick, after all.

People complain about the judgement of the officials, and then turn around and say we should give them more judgement calls for us to complain about? That's silly. If someone isn't a factor in the play, there is no reason to hold or interfere with them in the first place.

If the calls are obviously one sided, i.e., Winnipeg at Hamilton, then Houston we have a problem!!

Anybody else notice that the "Bumbler" dropped this Bush League post about being Bush League and no posts since,after
or before ?? It has so far to date been his one and ONLY post,no rebuttals,no reposts,no nothing....classic Troll tactics :thdn:
Hit and run :roll: IMO they're has been too much of this trolling crapola going on in here lately,and strangely most of it is from
newbies who recently signed up as members with the express purpose of doing nothing but Sh!t disturbing,it's no wonder that forum traffic has been way down recently and the postings and interest in this forum board are decreasing lately to hardly any interest at all compared to the past.

Not so much that it's allowed, but is not caught. Why are the officials going to look at the left side of the O line when the play has gone right? The LT may still give a quick grab to hold up the defender, he does have a job to keep.

NFL seems even more bush league.

They need an extra down to go 10 yards and they need an extra 20 seconds between plays.

Wait whats this? A fair catch rule? Wow is that so bush league its not even funny. Too scared to run the ball?

Oh wait theres more, you can get a free 20 yards for absolutely no reason without consequence by dropping a knee in the endzone. Cfl has the proper rouge in place for wimps that wont run the ball

Wait hold on theres more they need six timeouts per game vs 2 in the cfl for an entire game.

Pretty dam clear nfl is more bush league with their wimpy bush league rules.

Wait theres more, every field goal in the nfl is a straight kick as the hashmarks are just as wide as the goal posts. In the cfl the hashmarks are wider than the goal post actually forcing a kicker to have to aim left or right, nfl lookin even more bush league now.

Oh wait they can run the last 2 minutes off the clock by dropping a knee in the nfl because of 40 second play clocks? Wow talk about bush league AND a ripoff for fans that get several minutes of their game destroyed with boring endings. Cfl can only run down 40 seconds before the 3rd down. Nfl can run down 120 seconds before their 4th down. Weak, bush league all the way.

Nfl has much easier rules