The CFL and The Pan Am Games 2015.

I had to mention this because I think this is one of many political blunders and oversights by the Liberal Government in Ontario in regards to the upcoming Pan Am Games in July 2015 in Toronto and the GTA, if Toronto and the Argo’s need a new stadium why the heck didn’t the politicians include one built in Toronto that would hold 30,000 made for football and soccer similar to Hamilton’s new Tim Horton’s Field and be done with it?

The new stadium in Hamilton is estimated at $145 Million, it will be more once the final bills are in but still at that rate the Pan Am Committee and Liberals could have built a second similar stadium in Toronto for the Argo’s and for Soccer and split the soccer games between Hamilton & Toronto, both would win, now the Argo’s must look for a new home before their lease is up at Roger’s/Dodgers centre in 2017 and so on, and so on it never ends at the centre of the universe in the CFL.

Projected final cost by the Liberals was estimated at $2.5 Billion Yah Okay?? It’s guaranteed to cost more like $3 Billion plus, just the security for the games was estimated at $113 million it’s now ballooned to $236 million and counting the Liberals said it was a slight oversight by their government, Ummm sounds like Gas Plants, Orange Helicopter, E-Health and so on all slight oversights. So people and voters of Southern Ontario you got what you voted for a political party that cares less about you and more about them and just added tax dollars when the Argo need a new home to live in the CFL!!!

It's also going to be a scheduling nightmare for the Argos in 2015. They already get the shaft from the Jays and now they have to deal with these games that run from July 10 to July 26 (although I'm not sure if it will be in use the whole time). The Jays will have to build their schedule around that and will likely take up even more dates.

a bye week and 2 road games. Big deal

Why? are there events happening at the RC during the Pan Scam Games?

I’m sure many fans in the CFL have now seen the Tiger-Cats web site and the preview of the new stadium that was done over a year ago now, actually almost two years ago now, but when the designers and architects of the new stadium and marketing did the video and preview pictures they showed the fans of the Tiger-Cats dressed up like they were going out for an evening in Vancouver or Montreal not Hamilton??

I have been to many a Tiger-Cat game before where not one person was dressed anything close to the fans depicted by the designers and marketing pro’s unless management in Hamilton plan on having Bouncers at each game and having a dress code, look at the difference below and you decide?

The Future of Football in Hamilton:


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Champaign and Caviar are now being served on the Lido Deck at Tim Horton's Field to all fans who are dressed in their new Moore's TSN/CFL Suits courtesy of the Liberal Government of Ontario your Pan Am Games funding provider?

Nah man, the Jays would have to play around Pan Am games and the Argos would have to play around both. The Argos struggle with scheduling as it is, this makes it worse. But as slimjim pointed out, it might just be opening and closing ceremonies. It's still awkward because that takes Friday July 10 and Sunday July 26 out of the picture. With any luck though, It would stay in football configuration and they can play around it.

I guess the Argo's will be spending lots of time on the road next July 2015 during the Pan Am Games but so will the Ti-Cats!!

Comments from the Toronto Sun the only newspaper that is prepared to report on the facts overspending by the Ontario Liberal Government on the Pan Am Games.

Toronto Sun July 1, 2014
Pan Am Games budget upward from an initial $1.4-billion to now $2.5-billion to what I suspect will be closer to $4-billion by the time all is said and done a year from now.

Gee you would think with 4 Billion you could fit in a few new stadiums for the CFL??

I caught the last part of a comment on talk radio today that the Argo’s in Toronto missed the Boat in not getting a new stadium built in the Toronto area from the proceeds of the Pan Am Games similar to Hamilton, Toronto gets awarded the games and we get the new Stadium great move Hamilton!!

...and there are people who still want the Olympics after this. I would think the sticker shock of these, twice removed games might make such a bid unlikely.

However, keep in mind for Hamilton's stadium a health chunk of the money is coming from Hamilton and the Feds.