The CFL and me July 19, 2020

I have been a die hard CFL fan for 55 yrs. CFL has been my biggest or most important source of entertainment. However, I have become disillusioned.

When the League made the following statement re Chris Jones:

“We in the CFL hold high the Diversity Is Strength banner. Our league makes no claim on perfection but it does strive to be inclusive, to accept and indeed celebrate our differences, and to respect and honour human rights. There is no place in our league for commentary that disparages people on the basis of their religion, race, gender or sexual orientation. As Pride Month continues, we stand with the LGBTQ+ community. We all need to say no to hate and yes to love.”

I figured it was one or more of 3 possibilities.

1 - The person who issued the statement allowed their own bias or prejudice to influence the statement.

2 - The league chose to throw the player under the bus for the good of the league, showing that they lack integrity.

3 - The league brass actually believes the BS of the statement.

If I come to believe the last one, then I think I be done with the league. As it is, even though I have waited a while to make sure of my feelings, I find that I just dont care if the league ever starts up again.

While I loved the CFL game, I have not had much respect for the League office during the last 30 yrs or so anyhow.

I might be disappointing a few people, but thats the way it is July 19, 2020

P.S. I am not inviting further discussion on the topic of CJ. Many of us stated our opinions and thought on the subject over a few threads. Here I am just sharing my feelings about the league regarding it


I think 2 and 3 are correct, though I don't think it shows a lack of integrity or that the statement is BS.

My bet is that the league was motivated by both profit (fear of losing customers by allowing public prejudicial comments by employees) and a sense that inclusivity is the moral path.

Having said that, I do think there were other ways to deal with the incident.

Actually, I quite like that headline as a precept: educate, don't cancel.

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I think the difference with these 2 situations is Jones double downed his comments afterwards and many times over.

With Jackson, he at least publicly became aware of how his comments affected others and is making those least in public.

I think if Jones had a similar response, the team and league's PR people would work with him to sooth it over


Ahh, that does make sense.

To clarify, I think the statement is BS as a response to the CJ situation. This is why I feel so bothered by it. As a stand alone statement, it is all good.

I believe it lacks integrity, again as a response to the CJ situation, because I believe in standing for whats right, no matter the cost.

Get woke go broke .

Wasn't is that the guy who got a nailed by a pro wrestler for calling pro wrestling fake.

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Schultz hit him back in 1984 for having the audacity of calling wrestling fake . :smiley:

Some believe Mcmahon told him to do it .

Could you imagine if pro wrestling becomes woke .

On another note Andre the Giant stories are legendary .

Good times . :grin:

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To some degree it has. We won't be seeing another attitude era anytime soon.

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Love that era.

Monday Night Wars, the absolute best era in Pro Wrestling history.

I do remember now. There is a documentary on the incident.

Call The Dark Side of the Ring.

On Crave.

Perhaps ... last time I tuned in for a few minutes not ** ALL ** the female wrestlers seemed to have had breast augmentation.

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nor all the males either

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But most do seem have the taut/"excited" nipples often associated with steroids.

Oh oh trans humour alert .

Warning warning ....

trans nothing. You dont think all those guys got those beautiful chests naturally do ya :slight_smile:

I see your point .

It is becoming increasingly clear the league itself is at least warm to the marxist ideology of cancel culture. I identify more with my local club than with the CFL so that might be a saving grace for me. The league has become increasingly political in recent years though and that's unfortunate


Now Mr.Obed still wants the team to continue engaging with the Inuit community after the name change.

Should they?

I'm sure they will. History won't look kindly on organizations like the CFL who are active participants in kowtowing to Marxism.