The Ceasar Rayford Era Has Ended In Regina...

Despite reports that Rayford was in fantastic shape and dominating mini camp, his time in Regina has ended almost before it started.

Who'll be the next sucker blindly looking at his 6'7" height and oblivious to his lack of talent?

No one cares about your childish delusions.

Say what? I'm just confused by this response.

It's based on the fact that Area-51 is one of the biggest trolls and likely the most immature member of the forum after Johnny.

People like Area-51 don't even see players and coaches as human, and his posts, like this one, constantly show it.

Funny, people had no problem with long elaborate attacks on Popp and Michael Sam last year but don’t touch the Rider snowflakes :lol: :lol: basically it's based on your personal opinion of Area-51, not the fact that what he said was entirely true and accurate...this, not so ironically, makes you no better than he...

Trust me, I'm not the only one who feels this way about him/her. There are many of us.

Also, I'm not the one treating players and coaches like sub-humans.

...but in this one instance you're totally off base...and therefore no better than he...

But the Ceasar Rayford era as you're calling it never existed...... a whole bunch of periods there for you'all.

Training camp.....daaaaaa

The only one who was ever all tied up in knots was the OP.

The whole point to this post is totally off base and yet we've the only marshal in town holding his hand?

Wake up people this whole place is gone to shyt. challenge the OP on his definition of 'era'...I'm not your foe here, fuuuuuuuuu, talk about misplaced anger...

...if I started banning people simply because some other guy didn't like said people I would in short order be the marshal of an empty town...ignore him, foe-list him, debate him, just quit all the whining....

CanFan, I will back you up on this.


51 refers to a certain coach as " shovel face "
Refers to a certain back up QB as "joke Matthews "
Has used the term " dumb ass westerners"

Those are just some examples.
51 needs to make his point without the childish name calling.

There is a big thread " board going downhill. " It is issues like the above that frustrate people.

I personally think it would be unfair to Bomber fans to ban Area51. He's already banned from Argofans and Riderfans. So if Red bans him Area 51 will get pawned off on the Bombers board. :lol:

ssh, didn't you know that the West is full of unique and special snowflakes? :cowboy:

...I question the reality of parents that would name their child should be Caesar...and that in itself is a questionable parenting thing too....

Apparently I missed the memo that it had started in the first place...

^^^^see!!!^^^^^ ...that is how it is done...

Ceasar made a small mistake. Really anyone could. He stated the Sask was the best place to be From. Hard to argue!!

Rayford had a solid camp and played well enough that he could have had a spot on the team actually. Unfortunately for him, with his age, he needed to beat out younger players still growing by a substantial margin. If he stays in the shape he is in now he could be an easy pickup for a team with injuries.

He was brought into camp because he had shown well, and he did not disappoint...and his presence likely brought out better in a few people.

Come on Francis, lighten up! You are attacking people left and right. Nobody appointed you forum police... Come on tough guy, CHILL! :cowboy:

Brihind, you and Francis the canfoofan should get a room! Geez, talk about two wet blankets. :roll: