The Cats should be looking over their shoulders

After the way the Bombers played tonight (and last week) they shouldn't be taken lightly. Their defense is very tough and the offense is starting to move the ball. The Cats better dig deep and put some wins on the board.....starting tomorrow night would be nice.

You can hang this Bomber win completely on thre Edmonton Eskimos discipline, they sustained drives for the Bombers that directly realted to points

You have to admit though...Bishop was actually finding his receivers. I kept hoping for that to fizzle out and for Bishop to start throwing picks.

Bishop was barely competent. Only TD drive was aided by three consecutive major penalties and a short field. Three more points off an unforced fumble. Should have had three ints.

Bummer defense is good, Reid, other than that ....yawn.

The sky is falling.....Oh lord the sky is falling.

We're still good.

no worries next week folks Bishop has never played 3 GOOD games in a row

The sky isn't falling as the sarcasm points out,however, Porter's leash just got shorter. I like the 1,2 punch but now is the time Porter needs to step forward as he has in a couple of games thus far and not struggle as he has a couple of others. From now on its about character as much as its about talent. We need to know before next season if he's got what it takes to win


 I agree. This will a big game for him. If there is another complete team collapse like Montreal I don't think he should be singled out . But if this team plays the way they are capable of doing, it will be a good game and Porter will solidify his position as the starter. 
I am keeping my fingers crossed for him. The last thing we need is an ongoing war of words over whether he or Glenn should be the starter.

Last weeks performance was nowhere near Porters fault. Hard to complete a pass with tight coverage and half a second to decide before you kiss the turf.

Heck of a game last night for Bishop and the Bombers, very entertaining. Bishop is getting the confidence of that team and the team is responding.

Let's hope the Tiger Cat coaches have prepared the players well and have a solid game and make the necessary adjustments for a must win tonight. The heat is definately on..................

No argument here

Are we still good now????

To quote a former NFL coach: PLAYOFFS?!, PLAYOFFS?! We'll be lucky if we win another game.

If we win next week at home vs. Winnipeg, we are then up 2 games on Winnipeg with the season series, and with Winnipeg needing to win 3 of their last 4, including 2 games against Montreal.

If we win at home next week, we're pretty much assured 2nd place.

Calm down.

How DARE you post something logical, Crash? lol