The CATS performance in 2007(poll)

Ticats fans what do you think???

I picked choice 2.. as long as they show some hustle and are competitive in EACH and EVERY game I'll be happy knowing the playoffs are just a tinker away

Pleeeeeeese, not another poll or prediction before training camp or the pre-season starts!!!!!!

It HAS been a long offseason, hasn't it?

The damm poll is so depressing is that all we can expect out of our Ti-cats and you gave us 4 options.Poor;pooer and downhill from that.I say we can win the East and next year the Cup.Remember 1998?

so you picked option 1,so did I.

Where is the "prediction" in what you hope from your team and what is deemed "acceptable" from a fan standpoint.. there is no predictions here go whine in a thread that actually HAS predictions

What will the ticat fans accept ???

Hmmmm, by virtue of having attended English 101, it certainly appears to me to be requesting a prediction.

Hope is NOT a prediction.. I picked what I hope will happen this year not what i THINK will happen therefore it is NOT a prediction

‘Hope’, being an optional answer to the request is in this context, a prediction.

I have no hope that you will come to understand and this is my opinion, not a prediction.

nuff said, eh?

Let's stick to the POLL.
All I want is your gut feeling about
how things are going up until now shown
with your answer in the poll.
(considering trade's etc)

We can't get any worse ....... or can we :roll:

Well sure it CAN get worse. Last year the Cats were 4-14; this year could be 3-15 or 2-16 or 1-17 or 0-18. That WOULD be worse.

But it ain't gonna happen.

This team will be vastly improved; all the parts are in place....once the new staff gets it whipped into shape as a TEAM, I think a good year is in the offing. Third place and a playoff appearance at worst. Kevin Glenn goes down for any length of time in Winnipeg, and the Cats are second.

Its not what we expect but what we’ll accept. Since we were so bad I’ll accept a competitive team even if it misses the playoffs although I think if a team is competitive in every game it should win enough to reach the playoffs. I expect the team will make the playoffs but it isn’t a requirement.

They better not only make the playoffs but at least make it to Toronto

o&4 and there,s the door- :twisted: