The Cats need a REBUILD

The Cats are struggling this season. I have watched them play a lot and are frustrated with them this season.

They have a talented roster on paper but on the field it is not translating to wins.

The big issues on the team in my opinion are the following---

The Cats are actually a pretty good football team for about 30 minutes and then its clear they do not make any 2nd half adjustments. They have given up more than 30 points in every single road game this season which is unheard of.

I think the main issues with the Cats are the following----

  • The Defensive Line does not have CFL calibre players-- If you look at the D line you will notice first of all there is no D lineman interior that are any good. THere is no disruptive forces in the middle that can push the pocket back in the QBs face. There is no push inside-- Guys like Jermaine Macelveyn are not starters in this league- A guy like Greg Peach cannot be your best pass rusher-
    TIcats front 4 have not been able to get pressure with 4 alone- They have also been terrible vs the run- There is litle to no communication with the front 4 on defense---

-The secondary is very weak- Guys like Murillo, Bucknor and whoever else are just not playmakers- None of the Cats Dbs I have seen this season are good enough to win a battle vs the opposing receivers- Its clear that they are not improving and because the lack of pass rush, they are often burned --- Even JOEY ELLIOT looked like TOM BRADY out there vs this secondary and JOSEPH also looked like WARREN MOON picking them apart-- You dont see teams moving receivers like STAMPS to the short side wideout to pick on MARCEL YOUNG, and of course it works for a TD as the Cats didnt give MARCEL YOUNG any help from a safety-

-Offense has players that in theory are good but in reality are mostly hype and are too one dimensional--

-Henry Burris- Burris has put up decent numbers this season and is not the sole problem- HE has put up some games where he has scored enough and if he had a defense I am sure it would mean 2 to 3 more wins this season--- However Burris could still play better anyway- I dont think BUrris is an issue, I mean he is 37 years old and BURRIS is BURRIS-- Huffnagel realized that Burris still cannot read a defense and throw any passes over 15 yards-- I think he tried 2 attempts over 15 yards and both were intercepted-- So what they do is have Burris get rid of the ball right away at the snap, but EDMONTON was jamming the receivers and taking away the first quick hitter-- Burris is told where to throw the ball and cannot even make any reads to go to a secondary receiver- Burris cannot look off a receiver or a defense with his eyes- Burris stares right at where he is going to throw the ball and has tunnel vision-- Burris is clearly not the answer at QB---- He is not getting smarter as he should with age-

Burris is very easy to defend- Take away the quick hitters forcing BURRIS to hold on to the ball- He will get happy feet and start running around, then he is very inacurrate on the run and makes poor decisions- He also cannot spot open receivers when he is scrambling around-

Fantuz was an overpaid signging- Fantuz for whatever reason is not fast anymore- With saskatchwan he used to go deep and be a deep threat- Now he looks 20 pounds heavier and much slower and is more of a 10-15 yard guy-

Giguerre is overrated- He is fast and looks really good but I dont think he can ever be a receiver who can dominate and win routes- He looks really strong and fast but you can see that he is not a natural football player- He is very average each game-

Both Cobourne and WALKER are finished- You need a better running back clearly-- There are better guys available and you need to find someone better than these two guys--

CORTEZ- This man has no business coaching- He has been outcoached badly in each 2nd half of games on the road- He has litlte control over the team-- The defense is terrible but yet he has made no adustments to fix it---

The combination of CORTEz CREEHAN and BURRIS is not a good one- THere is not a WINNING combination here- They all are guys that can only exist on teams with other really good coaches and players to hide their deficiencies-- Burris was hidden in CGY for years because he was surrounded by good coaching and players--

I think the guy the CATS should let play this season is DAN LEFEAVOUR- I have watched this kid play in college he is twice the QB that BURRIS and PORTER will ever be-- HE is very elusive and a good thrower- He is also much more athletic than aging Burris and Porter---
Lefeavour is the future, he is the QB that will give the Cats the best chance to win----

Cortex and Creehan need to be fired-- The secondary and D line needs to be basically replaced ------ Also I am not sure that you cannot find cheaper younger linebackers than Jamal Johnson and REy WIlliams- THey are getting older and could be living off past reputation-- Eventually find cheaper replacements and stop paying these guys huge sums--

Salaries to drop --- BURRIS for sure-- Fantuz-- Rey Williams- Jamal Johnson-- Part with these guys next season and bring in some new blood-- Lefeavour should be the new starter and bring in a new running back that is a real complete back-

So your proposing to do what we have done every single year? That has worked very well for us. This team needs the exact opposite and thats years of continuity. This team has no identity over the past 8 years. Year after year we rebuild get rid of tons of guys. Ever think the problem isn't coaching and players. It is the constant turn over of players each and every single yr. We have yet in the Bob Young era to field a team that looks remotely close to the team the year before. Constantly rebuilding must me there is bigger issue and that is the abilityof upper management and scouting to evaluate players. We have yet to have a good core of players how many qb's have we been through since DMAC retired? The constant turnover of recievers has been unreal. How will we ever win if there is no chemistry built?

Couldn’t agree more, they have to start by making sure they don’t loose PORTER!

It is clear that the defences system is being exploited by all the other teams, using a 3 man front in the red zone with no blitze or pressure is completely retarded!!
It seems that the players on defence are getting used to playing soft on coverage, no pressure upfront, no pressure in coverage, it seems to be acceptable to let the reciever make the catch.
Time to light some fires under a few backsides!!
(you cant play man coverage every play in the CFL!!!

Do we really think that if we stay with this core of players that things will get better for the Cats? This organization needs changes at the top. Seems to me Obie is out of touch with the game and his solution is to keep bringing in ex BC lions or other players with CFL experience. There is a reason these guys are available. I believe are receiving core is weaker than last year. Our QB past his prime and probably not as good as KG was. We have a few stars on the team. Time to bring in new management and do a solid job scouting and recruiting players that have the star potential. You do not win with mediocre players that have been recylced through the league.


Further to this point is the fact that this season is a rebuild (yet again).

This is what you're asking for.