The Cats Need a QB

I'm not going to sit here and type that Schiltz is the answer, but I will type that Dane Evans IS NOT.

Some people are saying that Schiltz did no better than Dane...ok, here's my problem with that: Dane is the starting QB, had an offence built around him, took all first reps at practice (when healthy) and got the starts (when healthy). The fact that Schiltz came in as backup in a road playoff game in the 3rd Q down by 16 points and made a game of it is remarkable!

Evans did NOTHING. he is ALWAYS looking for White on the deep pass and when White isn't there or when there is pressure, its disaster. This is not on the O line... it might be on Condell for poor play calling, but Dane Evans doesn't know how to throw a touch pass or a quick hitter. Harris DESTROYED us with quick hitters tonight, setting up the ALs with second and short all night... meanwhile Evans was constantly looking for the homer ball.

On 3 Evans sacks there were wide open receivers between 6-12 yards. But Dane was always loading up, looking for a big play. His decision making (or lack of) is our biggest problem (a close second to Condell).

If Schiltz starts do we win? Probably not. But we'd have a chance. Dane got us 6 points IN A HALF! And it's DANE'S OFFENCE! I'd Schiltz to start next season, HANDS DOWN! Create an O around him and see what he can do. We've seen what Evans can do and the fact is, he loses. That's what he does. He has a good game 1 in every 6. That's not nearly good enough. There us no comparison between our QBs because one is a backup and the other had the full support of the franchise and an O designed for him. And their production is about the same.

Sorry if this hurts the feelings of some here who are inexplicably loyal to Evans. But it's a fact. He needs to go.


BLM is available, go get him.


That will cost significantly more cap space than Evans.

Was the Offence built around his skillset??? The O-line, until after Labour Day ( where it was only marginally better), was a total disaster. this was something everyone saw gong back to last year and literally nothing was done in the last off season to shore it up. Schiltz came in and was effective for the fist few drives this afternoon. Then he descended back into what he is. Which is a back up QB.

As far as Harris destroying us , this would be a problem for the Defence that came out of the locker room like it was still asleep. It also could not generate any pressure with its front 4, which allowed Harris time to pick apart our questionable Secondary.

As for Evans himself, I agree that with the time he's been here we can see what we'll get. he's an effective backup and spot starter who really cannot handle pressure well and locks in on his primary receiver. In fact, he's been fairly mediocre since the Winnipeg game. However, we do have weapons that could have alleviated that somewhat. We've magically had a running game in these late season wins that should have been used today that was essentially forgotten. That's on Condell and hopefully this was the last game he's OC here. The "big play" stuff seem to be a condition of Condell's Offensive schemes in that he seems to favour low percentage, long passes on 1st down only to set up a low percentage 2nd and long situation. That's not necessarily on Evans but on an OC that cannot utilize the talent he has to its fullest and would rather force players to conform to his system.

As for next year, I think we have to come to the admission that if we are not going to build an O that works but limits Evans ability to screw it up, we may as well cut him loose. However, with he contract he has, the latter is what's probably going to happen...