The Cats Matchup of 2013!

The Game this evening in Calgary between the Tiger-Cats and Stamps will definitely be the test for the Cats team this year and how well we will perform against the number one team in the CFL.

The previous back to back matchup against Saskatchewan was at a time in this 2013 season, when the Cats had the majority of their starters out with injury's so in it really wasn't a good test and although the first game was reasonably close, I would like to see how Regina would fair against a stronger Ti-Cats team now but that won't happen until next season.

I hope the Tiger-Cats can continue their success on the road and pull off a Win against the Stampeders in Calgary it certainly will be the test of how well our team is doing compared to the number one ranked Stamps.


6 hours till kick off!!!! I've been looking forward to this matchup all week, it's time to get above .500 and not look back. It's becoming an exciting time to be a Tiger-Cats fan. I want the team to host an Eastern final this year!

I have friend at work who's a Stamps fan, I've already apologized for the Cats beating his team at home. :lol:

Seriously I expect a Cats win tonight, and tied for first in the East by the end of the weekend.

I'll bite.... somebody's gotta' say it. Unless after last week nobody figures that the Riders will be the West's entry in the Grey Cup. :wink:

My daughter lives in Calgary and met Tsoumpas, Cote and Chevrier at a dinner last winter so OF COURSE she now roots for the Stamps! We have a little verbal battle going on via facebook. She thinks the Stamps will own the Ticats! I'll apologize after the game for the Ticats clawing up the Stamps! :lol:

I don't see either the Argos or Als winning this week!

if this team is as good at we hope it is, they really should beat a Calgary team that is starting an unproven QB this week. It will be much tougher to beat them with a proven starter at the helm. if we stop Cornish we should win, period. We need to put pressure on Mitchell BIG time, Ticats by 10+

Close game but No Cigar for the Cats, we had the game in three quarters of football but once again fell short on closing out the game and lost to the Stamps, why this team always leaves the backdoor open for the other team to climb back in is beyond me.

Kent get this Tiger-Cat team to score and keep on scoring and don't look back because we have seen it in almost every game that the Tiger-Cats have had a lead and they sit on it and wait when they should be scoring more points and adding to it, keeping their confidence high and team play higher for four quarters instead of just three.

We definitely need a kicker, Luca is so inconsistent, you just cannot leave 6 points on the field the difference of us winning the game, both kicks one from 47 was wide, he had the distance but wide the other from the 30 he hits the upright, No i'm sorry that should be money to any other kicker and typically is in Calgary, BC, Montreal. If we are to compete with the top teams we need a top kicker like Justin Medlock or if the Cats want to experiment again bring in Justin Palardy ex-Cat and Former Bomber just someone who can score and add to the lead!

In all HOme and Home games against B.C. SAsk and Wpg Hamilton has been better and improved in the second game.
Once Austin gets a look a the other team He seems to know what to do . I think we will be ready for rematch with Stamps.