The Cats Have Ruined My Standing on this Board

For over a decade I’ve managed to stay just ahead of Crash in post totals and now I’m behind.* I am highly annoyed. I blame June Jones and Kent Austin.

I was raised to try to say nothing if I had nothing positive to say. I don’t have positive things to say after games like last night. Therefore it is not my fault that I have fallen behind.

What are YOU going to blame on the Cats?

*Note: Statistically I am still ahead at 1.040 posts per day compared to his measly 1.029 per day.
Just sayin’…

Sorry buddy. I actually took a hiatus from the site… it’s nothing like it used to be that’s for sure. I remember when the Caretakers motto was to err on the side of “under-moderating”. Times have certainly changed.

You should blame June Jones. He’s taken years off my life for being so absolutely lost out there.

And that’s funny. I haven’t looked at post count once cause I’m normally posting via mobile.

Guys. Stats don’t matter on this board. It’s about wins.

For every year of Grey Cup drought, my waistline has expanded a bit. I find it hard to believe that is mere coincidence.

Wins suck. The forum dries up when we win. All the Masoli blamers slither back into their holes.There are no threads about who should be fired or cut. It just does not help our post counts and forum popularity. Thankfully we have June Jones who helps us to stay engaged in the forum by ensuring that win streaks are not prolonged. 8)

I fell asleep awkwardly watching the BC game in bed…now my back is messed up…

Who schedules a 10 p.m. start anyway?

How about your Fantasy scores? Can you blame those on the Ti-Cats as well?