The CATS biggest problem is import content

So why trade our best import ?
It is so ahrd for the clowns to find a decent import and the get rid of one that they most likwly will never be able to replace

moreno is young with a great attitude and is perfect for the CFL in that he is tough , can run and does not miss tackles and knows how to read plays .

After watching the BC game I felt this oprganization
hit rock bottom ..

So now , if you feel you can't sign Lumsden you might as well trade him too and sure PRINTERS too if the Moreno trade was about money...

Then yu would essentially not be able to make any more trades as you would not have any players that any other team would want

The future of this team was PRINTERS, LUMSDEN AND MORENO and now I am wondrring if the other two will be gone soon as well .

Did BOB young say heh why am i paying these guys over 100 k to look like high school players told obie to get rid of the guys making over 100 k hence Moreno

zeke is a great talent that actually wanted to play here.
unlike canada, unlike armour,cody,etc

Wanted to play here? That's why he flew to Winnipeg before he even knew they were shopping him around.

As for Armour, we chose not to resign him.

After what I have seen today and all this year so you really blane Moreno or Lumsden or Printers wanting to get out of here ?

I mean enough is enough already . They took away Armour away from Moreno and gave him really no dominant players to play with and no pass rush . Printers has rookie recievers and a terrible game plan with an everage o-line and he is fighting for his life out there .

yes zeke did wanted to play here. just ask him.

Before you go flapping off at the mouth, think about it.....obviously the players knew about this trade long before it was announced. Hence Tom Canada offering his "opinion" about playing in Hamilton before anyone knew anything about it.

Zeke was told he was traded yesterday morning, got on a plane last night and flew to Winnipeg. What did he do wrong? NOTHING.

I'm not saying he didn't want to be traded (who knows, maybe he asked for a trade) but to say he flew to Winnipeg before they were shopping him around is ridiculous.

no zeke just by chance happened to fly out to winnipeg for the hell of out it. he had no clue he was being traded there.



Oski Wee Wee,