The Cats are scoring like crazy and look great woohoo

Oh my God they look good tonight. Touchdowns are coming in bunches. Long beautiful spirals for 40 and 50 yards. The Cats are manhandling Winnipeg's offence. Their aerial attack is awsome. Did you guys see that catch by tony Champion. He came back to the ball and everything.How about that Winfield.And McAdoo is running like there is no tomorrow.
And get this, the second string quarterback (Dillon) is having a heck of a game relieving Kerrigan. Cats are winning 26-19 and the victory wraps up first place with three games left to play. This is heaven.... I knew if I stuck with them they would come around....
Wait a minute... this is a game from the 1990s. Why do they do this to me...
CFL classics on Sattelite.... When the Cats were competitive...

Must be 89.. thats the last time those 2 QB's were together and they made the playoffs.

I think it was 1990. Good guess. Interesting to watch these classic games on ESPN classics. Makes you long for the good ol' days

The info guide on the TV for the game said 1989.

a few weeks later we beat the peg at home again in east final it was a low scoring game(14-10)? dillon came off the bench and threaded a beautiful pass to zatlyny in the back of the endzone for the winning td.

Man, I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday. Good recall emms. I enjoyed the game. Let's hopethe Cats can do it again 17 years later... this Friday

i got pretty good collection of cat games on vhs since like 86, one day i'm gonna transfer them and hopefully make a highlight package.
that particular season was memorable.

Zatylny? He was a real fan favourite a good little player for awhile. He was on the radio as a commentator.
Does anyone know what happened to him?

It was actually October 15, 1989. Gosh did that field look awful (lol) And it was as hard as rock to dance on let me tell ya.
It was nice to see the ole' Lite Brite too.
But to see Grover and Mike, Rocky,Wally I mean the list goes on.

Maybe the staff should have the guys watch some of the Classics you never know

I know Wally opened a deli in Hamilton in the mid 90's. Not sure if he still has it though.

Wally Z's.
It was at King and Sterling, but it's long gone.

Yes, with the way Dillon played when releiveing Kerrigan, are we going to see a Kerrigan vs. Dillon debate/flamewar here now? :slight_smile:

1989 certainly was a memorable year. The stadium might not have looked as good, with Lite Brite still up there, and the turf not looking so good. (In fact, I think the turf was replaced the next year.) Although the stadium was not looking good, the team was good. And it is times like these that you ten to appreciate the good times more.

The old old turf from the early 70's was replaced between the 90 and 91 seasons. So 91 was the first year. That turf didn't have near as long a life as what it replaced.

I remember hearing that the old old turf had spots that were practically bare concrete.

The turf most of the teams use now seems much better than even the turf used in 91.