The Cats Are Going Nowhere.

Our defence is completely lost and we have a loser for starting QB. The more things change, the more they stay the same. This club just refuses to learn how to win. Defensively WHAT WAS THAT??? Our DB are all asleep. Barrenechea??? Like what does it take before the Tiger Cats realize that this guy CANNOT defend the middle. That's all I'm gonna say on "auggie" pffft. And don't even get me started on Maas. HOW MANY MORE CHANCES BOB??? I'm deeply embarrassed and all the optimism I had at the beginning of the season, has once again, EVAPORTATED. That was as pitiful an exhibition, as I have ever witnessed. This team is a complete mystery. How can they be flawless in pre season, and then get in a game and commit more penalties than Tie Domi??? Where did all the supposed newfound discipline go??? ARRRGGGH. Nobody said it was easy being a Ticats fan. Sometimes, it's downright hurtful.

Did you watch the game?

Auggie was relegated to special teams.

Moreno was in the middle and made some key stops. But had trouble defending on the pass.

It is hard for dbs to defend when Burris was not pressured or simply ran away from it.

What about Dwight Anderson? I know he's a rookie but c'mon... you've been playing football your entire life. The basic concept of covering a man downfield can't be that different. This guy looked out right goofy trying to cover the Stampeders receivers.

BUT... there were some bright spots.

Moreno looks like he might make some noise as he gains experience, Lumsden looked good, Setta looked great, Jojo Walker is exciting on returns and Timmy Chang wasn't too shabby in his 10mins of mop up time.

That defensive scheme whatever you call that, was horrible. You can't play zone against a guy like Burris. And then even after it became a proven disaster the plan was still in place. I give up with this team.

Could be the result of having a Defensive Coordinator not familiar with the Canadian game.

I noticed another thing, but I could be wrong, Calgary seemed to have guys in motion before the snap... hitting stride as the ball was snapped and able to beat out defenders deep because they had speed built up.

I noticed that WHEN our receivers would go toward the line of scrimmage they'd stop at the line, wait for the ball to be snapped, and THEN go again.

This is the CFL... unlimited motion. RUN TO THE LINE.

Looks like the same old stuff.....5 yard passes to the flats. They get rid of Mike and Rob and keep a useless QB ??? Welcome to the "NEW" Cats.