The Cats are about to come around

I was very impressed and hopeful with the level of play against BC. I think it's safe to say that the boys are starting to gel and we're going to see some great football once again.

It's been a really rough start for the Cats (and the fans for that matter), and I think we are about to be rewarded with some hard hitting, winning football. I'm really getting excited now. I predict the Cats will beat the Bombers 24 - 17. :stuck_out_tongue: :thup:

I'll be hopeful once the receivers step it up.

I am rather optimistic at this point as well. I think the two urgent areas for attention are the receiving corps and the defensive line/LB pressuring the opposing QB. Improve in those 2 areas and the wins will come.

Against Winnipeg, look at their last game against Montreal. Kevin Glenn may not be an elite quarterback in the CFL, but he’s calm, composed, and an efficient manager of a football game. He makes few mistakes. Cats will need to get strong pressure on him to see if you can rattle him and force him into making mistakes (something Montreal did not do).

On offence, forcefeed them a steady diet of Lumsden, and then mix things up by putting Holmes and Lumsden in the backfield together, running Holmes occasionally and using him as a receiver out of the backfield after faking a handoff to Lumsden. All that should loosen them up for the receivers to find openings.

Good luck Ticats!!

well they alreay hit rock bottom so they only can get better.

hit rock bottom?? have you forgotten the 1-17 season? i think they will start some wins together very soon though.

I was trying to. :smiley: I have faith that the wins will come soon.

sorry, didn't mean to bring up bad memories. i think we'd all like to forget that one.

how can anyone forget a 1-17 record? it was a stinkin' nightmare LOL