The Catch

there is no doubt that Carter made a great catch that is sometimes referred to as a Backhand Catch. However, good that it was, it was not all it is made out to be.

First part, putting his right hand out to knock it down, was quite simply the same way a right handed outfielder catches a ball going to the left of him. Same motion, same hand position, same instinct.

Second part, the knee comes up. This is a common reflex action. Do it almost every time I drop something, including once a knife, ouch.

Third part, also athletic instinctive reflex. Bring the arm down in a swoop to catch what you dropped. Do it all the time because I keep dropping stuff from above my head.

Putting it all together in such a way as Carter did definitely makes it a great catch, but I believe I have seen better, like Champions catch and Burnhams catch.

I don't care what league or what level or what team someone is on...that is one of the most impressive catches you will see. SJ Green has a few stunning ones himself, and may top this one with the one he caught while diving out the back of the endzone...somehow getting in.

Interestingly...when interviewed about that catch recently, Carter said straight up it was luck.

Bit of a stupid video overall, but he is pretty honest...I do like how straight up he can be in interviews..even if it is mixed which a lot of over the top self-righteousness at times....but I think even that is generally in fun.

And, the DB on the said play had the best positioning you can ask of a player too I think.

That was luck...
This is for real !

Ben Cahoun

Was the best catch in the CFL last season. Looking forward to seeing more of those from DC on both sides of the ball.

Bo - are you out there??

I find a lot of these one hand catches are unnecessary. It's a fad that shows the receiver is more concerned about himself than the team. Some are legit but if two hands are available, use them.... I won't name names.

Well, in essence got to love the bulldozer - Big Nik Lewis woot woot....

Carter's catch is close, but for me Tony Champion's at the '89 GC was the best, together with the best ever football game that I have seen, period.

Good post!
Most make it sound like Carter caught the ball with his crossed over had, if hand he just used in to coral the ball downward, second I still maintain he used the opponent as a kakapult to lift himself.
It was a nice catch but it wasn't a clutch moment catch!
Because it's Duron Carter, it gets over played and over hyped

Fantastic game and catch, Argo. I was at that GC, were you ? My brother was a big Ti-cat fan, still is.

Equally if not better than Dwight Clark's catch. BTW, RIP Dwight.

No bias in that post. Sorry, was that sarcasm?

For me one of the best I've ever seen was McManus to Brown . It ranks right up there with Kerrigan to Champion when you talk about Greatest of All time lists . And yes I was at that Grey Cup in the snow and I am still amazed that "Downtown" Eddie Brown somehow actually caught that ball in those conditions and took it to the house for six . By the way I would rank that "96" game right up there with the "89" classic as one of the best GC ever played and both were two of the best games I've ever seen as well.......except for the fact that for me the wrong team won on both occasions . The only thing worse than seeing the Ti-Cats lose the Grey Cup is watching the Argos win the Grey Cup....especially when it's played in our own stadium .:cry:

"Downtown" Eddie Brown...Grey Cup "96"

It's no surprise that both these amazing catches made TSN top 10 All-time Greatest lists .

Tony "the Champ" Champion...Grey Cup "89"

Those two amazing catches were made with both hands !...

Two great GCs.

Thanks Bobo.

You make it sound like anyone could make the catch... question is, would YOU be able to?... somehow, I think not... ::slight_smile:

In all honesty, I think I could have, however, I do not think I could have made Burnhams catch.

FYB, I'm pretty skeptical that you can make a catch like Carter's....appreciate the great catches, no matter who makes them.

I'm skeptical that anyone posting in here can analytically critique or perform to the same level at catching a football as a current CFL pro receiver.

It's amazing the levels of expertise we can achieve when posting on the internet anonymously.

obviously you only have my word, but in my day I constantly awed people with catches I made as both receiver and defensive player. I had the raw talent and speed to have played no worse than backup for few yrs in CFL. Unfortunately, I was too small and not tough enough, and very unstable life, so it became a pipe dream. For about 15 yrs from 11-26, I was the fastest in any game I played and often the best and always one of the best for almost 20 before I started to slow down a lot.

When I judge for myself the greatness of a catch, I always put myself in same place and decide if I could have made the catch and the degree of difficulty for me. Same with when a receiver or DB doesn't make a play I think they should have made, wrong choice, wrong angle, etc.

I really wish I could have a highlight reel of my best catches and plays. I excelled at almost every position of flag or touch football. Punter, fg kicker, kickoff, receiver, db, pass rusher, punt/kick returner. Didn't have a good arm for QB but if no one else wanted to do it, I could manage a good scrambling short game.

I am not saying this to brag, just fact no brag, but to say where I am coming from when I give my opinion on plays.

I would like to say for anyone who may have the wrong idea, it is not my intention to diss carter. If I am dissing anyone, it is the media for making more of the catch than I think they should. Carter has amazing physical ability, there is no denying that, nor do I want to.