The Catch

OK, so it wasn't Tony Champion catching a TD pass with broken ribs late in a Grey Cup but...

That was one hell of a catch by M.M. yesterday. In my opinion the best catch of the year.

Great memory to leave the home fans with Mike (whether you do come back or not)!!


Real Estate agents set their ownn hours/schedule.
Work a lot of weeknights.
Just like the bar owner that he also is.

I am hoping that both Mike and Rob both come back next year. A team with as lack a luster as we the fans had to endure this season, Mike and Rob to me, were the shining point of this team.( Tay, and DJ are right up there too and a few others) Being "homeboys" they had a lot to share and know in their hearts what this team means to the city, when the rest of team gave up their drives did not, and if any two deserved a shot for next year and a chance to end positively it is those too. And Mike if you read this, tell your Aunt Viv I said hi !!from a Scott Park Alum.

Fantastic catch! Yes, best catch of the year, easily!

And once again, it was over the middle in traffic.

Great response by the fans.

I totally agree!! I've made no secret of my love for MIke and Rob and I'd love to see both of them back. That catch was a prime example of the kind of player Mike is. The game means zero to our season, it was probably more of an evaluation of talent and he still went out there and sacrificed himself for that catch and several others. I'll be one ticked off girl if he isn't asked back to training camp at the very least.

Due to a conspiracy of events I only HEARD the catch on CHML on the way to the stadium.

Even more poignant was that the STAB was his 400th Reception as a Ticat ... AWESOME Mike !!

Mike Morreale - you have definitely made me a convert. I say until someone beats you out of your SB position - fair and square, come back to camp and give it another go. The guy truly is a CFL Warrior.


P.S - I asked someone if they ANNOUNCED it (in stadium) as MM's 400th Rec and they replied "No."

If this is accurate ... why the heck not ?

They did announce it at the game .... that is one of thereasons he got a standing ovation.

Wow! Real estate agent! Many of them are no better off than starving artists. He'll be back for that second income filling a second stringer role.

I never heard the 400th catch announced before the sideline ovation.

Me either.

yup it was loud and clear over the loud speaker. I think Moreale has had his real estate licence for a long time its just people havnt noticed that b4.

It was an awesome catch. One worthy of being kept in a video library.

Great catch by MM, not sure if it was the catch of the year though....anyone remember the catch that Brock Ralph made after rolling over on his back??

Ya maybe Brock Ralph should pay attention to what Mike does on the field . If he wants to be a starter at SB he has to learn to take a pounding and still catch the damn ball !!!!

Sorry guys but Mikes 400th catch was quite some time ago, he reached 500 during our away game vs Edmonton.

It was 400 as a Cat yesterday.

500 as a Professional.

The way he's been put on the back burner(crapped on) around here ask him which means more.

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The way he's been put on the back burner(crapped on) around here ask him which means more.
That is a GREAT question ... from the way you phrased it you seem to "think" it would be the larger number that means more to him ...

As i can’t SPEAK FOR him … I COULD suggest that a milestone, such as the one he set for HIS HOMETOWN Team means more …

In this case I would be interested to HEAR Mike’s OWN thoughts on the matter.


Fair enough but when he departed for Bluer pastures it was against his will and over $$$.

He wanted to remain a Cat and we (they) said no.

He wants to remain a Cat again and again it's sounding like we could lose a man with more heart than most of our offence combined.