The Casey Printer's thumb; an injury or a fake?

There is a high possibility that a team of the West as B.C. for example that as always played well against Montreal and by the same time avoids the Spampeders and the Roughriders will try to go to the East for an easier playoff. This way B.C. has a better chance for the Grey Cup. Some may think that Casey’s Printers thumb healed fast… It is easy to circumvent the playoff rules. This will not happen if it was a true East against West Grey Cup.

Now some say that Casey's Printers thumb injury was a fake. He threw the ball yesterday against Hamilton for 360 yards. Not the slightest sign of weakness from his thumb.

Some also think that AC's "ankle injury" was not bad enough to keep him off the field and served as a pretext to let Adrian McPherson have a few reps. Whatever the case, the Als D will have to plan well, and keep contain on Printers; he simply cannot be allowed to run at will and find open receivers. He needs to run - for his life, that is, and be forced to toss it into row 19. That's as good as a sack!

How is that relivant?
The could have just sat AC and no-one would have batted an eye!

I think the injury was fake!

I'm not here to troll, but this topic caught my eye. You're saying the Printers faked an injury so the Lions would get spanked by the Esks? I don't know if you know this or not, but if Hamilton had lost to Winnipeg, which was after the BC Edmonton game, BC would not have made the playoffs at all? It doesn't add up to me.

Of course it doe snot add up, people soemtimes smoke the good stuff :slight_smile: BC stuff.

lol well whatever he has I WANT SOME!!! :cowboy: :lol:

It was a calculated risk.

BC had no chance of making the cup whatsoever by going through the west. There was no way that they would have beaten both Calgary and SSK.
By going through the east they had a good chance with Ham and anything is possible with Montreal.

No guts, no glory,

Besides, you dont find it at all funny that on game day, Printers could not hold the ball... and the next day its like it never happened?

So your saying it is easier to go through Montreal and Hamilton on their home turf?? Both these teams are top notch teams on their own field, and Montreal is the best team this league has seen recently. I would take my chance playing Calgary and Sask at home this year.

it is easier to go through Hamilton them Calgary and the Lions had good success against Montreal.

I still don't think the east would be easier then the west. The west as a whole divsion is stronger IMO but the east has the best team. If I was BC I would take my chances against Calgary and Sask, especially when BC didn't have a great record against Hamilton.
All I am saying here is the logic in CFLman's post doesn't make sense at all. Just my opinion, and I believe most people would have to agree there is no logic in it.

You make a great point and I agree completely. While I won't disagree that BC played Montreal tough this year, why do so many people believe that the Lions would have less of a chance against the Stamps or Riders?

Would it be easier through Montreal? No! But HAmillton would be easier than Calgary, and did anyone really expect Wpg to beat Hamilton? I dont think so!

BB were playing good football up to that game, so yes there were many people who thought BB would win due to the Homefield advantage. And I think Hamilton and Calgary are both very good teams, Hamiton's strength being there Defence and run game(which if they would have used properly they would have beat BC IMO) and Calgary has a very strong offence. So I don't see how you can say Hamiton is an easier oppenent then Calgary, especially a IWS where Hamilton's crowd is always loud and proud!

And yet BC won, in Hamilton.
Bottom line here,
Do I really believe that BC threw the game, prob not. But 30 years from now when/if someone on their death bed confesses.....I would not be surprised in the least

Yes BC won, that wasn't even close to what I was arguing here, I said that NO team would ever throw a game with a CHANCE that another team would lose the next day, just so they can travel across the country to play two of the best home teams in the league. It doesn't add up one bit.

It was a risk, but it payed off so far

The bottom line is,
The East is percieves as weak and inferiour.( I dont believe that but)
I would not put it past anyone to try for the easier route

I'm not sure I agree with this.

Hamilton has beaten every Western team this season, and even Winnipeg with the crazy season they've had, managed to beat 3 of the Western teams. If you are going by the amount of wins, even though the second place team in the East has 1 less win the the first 2 teams in the West, you have to consider the fact that they played Montreal more times than the Western teams have. Some might argue playing Toronto more would "X" that factor out, but I don't think it does.

Over the past seasons, the West has been stronger than the East, but this season, I have to say it was pretty even, if not, I think the East was a little tougher. In my humble opinion.

As I said before, MOntreal makes the east look weak!
Take a few of thier wins against ham and Wpg and all 3 of their records would put them in first in the west

And respect your opinion 100% I also agree with it to a point! Playing Montreal more would definalty affect the Win Loss colums of the eastern teams. So that being said, I still think the lions would have had a better shot going through the West than the East, and this is coming from a Rider fan.

So if you think that, why would BC want to go through the East, if all the teams there are better then the West?? :roll: