The Casey Printers Show???

I made a point of listening to it tonight...WTF???

They had a tough time getting anyone to call in and Casey was a NO SHOW! :roll: (at about the 45 minute mark this was said..."I hope Casey is getting some rehab so he will be ready to play again") :oops:

They even had to get a phone call in to Marwan Hage to try to save the last few minutes! THAT was an absolute "fill in" discussing what he was doing for thanksgiving!

Maybe there is a message there??? Maybe...Just Maybe???

Get Crash to do the show. He is the head of the Casey Printers fan club. lol

Tune in to the new and improved Quinton Porter show.
Coming to 900 CHML soon!!!

I am sure at a discounted rate as well!

He is the head of, let's not throw everyone under the bus because a Qb had one game which doesn't guarantee a long and storied CFL career fan club

They should call it the QB show, that way, they can all cover for each other.

Did you listen from the beginning?

I don't know whether Casey was actually a no-show, or if they planned in advance for his participation in this week's show to be reduced. He wasn't in the studio, but he participated via telephone for 5 or 10 minutes near the beginning of the show.

They did seem to let the news run longer into the top of the hour than usual before beginning the show. That could be a subtle way of cutting down the number of minutes Casey's show would need to fill in order to reduce the pressure on Rick tonight, or it could have been an emergency way to fill dead air while they figured out what they were going to do with the show due to something unexpected (e.g. Casey being late or absent).

I think the most likely explanation for today's format is that they knew in advance it would be awkward to have Casey try to fill the hour just two days after Quinton Porter dazzled observers across the CFL. I think they took the safe, sensible route, which was to have some token participation in the show by Casey, then fill the rest of the hour with other stuff. With such brief participation, it wasn't necessary for Casey to be in the studio. This is one of the perils of having a show centered on a specific player.

It was uncomfortable listening to Casey try to comment on the Montreal game even for a few minutes. He made an effort to single out many individual players for praise, including Porter, and tried to emphasize the great team aspect of the performance.

My impression was that he wanted to make the point that while Quinton had an outstanding game, a quarterback can't win by himself. It's a valid point, and Casey was trying to get that message across without sounding like a . To Casey's credit, he didn't really rise to the bait when Zamperin asked (not in so many words) whether Porter is getting too much credit for the win. But you could tell Casey was trying hard not to be controversial while simultaneously not wanting to endorse Porter as the long-term solution at QB.

I expect that they probably would have wanted to plug Marwan's charitable Thanksgiving program regardless of the QB situation.

I think the call-in volume probably wasn't helped when Zamperin qualified his "What would you do if you were in Obie's shoes for one day?" question with "and not just 'fire this guy, cut that guy, etc.'"

this is a pretty crappy role for printers to be in right now. if i was cassey i wouldn't want to do the show any more and i really dont think the team should make him. what do you want the guy to say when he isnt starting and everyone is hating on him.

I think Casey didn't show up because he was scared Obie would call in and ask him to take a pay cut.

CHML pays Casey to do the show.

It's part of the remuneration package
that the Tiger Cats arranged for him.

IMO, doing the 10 minute remote call-in
was a good way to ease his discomfort

and still qualify for his CHML paycheck, Makaveli.

i get that he is getting payed and i think that was a smart thing for them to do.
all im saying is, i probably wouldnt even do that muchif i was cassey.

My take on it was that Casey wasn't too keen on doing it and CHML was trying to fill time the best they could. It's not like they didn't know Casey hasn't been playing and we just got a BIG WIN!

I would have thought that rather than promote "The Casey Printers Show" with questions and answers for Casey they could have revised the format...announced a revision and taken it from there. :roll:

That show was a DUD! :thdn:

Didnt printers already miss a show? mcmanus and damon allen filled in one week if I remember right. The ticats just needed to send another player that the fans like and let him do the show. Its the ticats airtime isnt it? so they should be able to do whatever they want with it.
Usually these shows arent anything more than a way to pay a player outside the sms. Every nfl team has a show just like it on local radio/tv and these players get big bucks for the show through the station and the team but 'its not for football', casey gets paid for having his own show. They should have just sent kk or p-rod or setta, or any of the young players or fan favorites.

Does anybody actually know why he wasn't there??

does anybody really cares??

Apparently they do or this thread wouldn't be here, now would it??

Yes Beet, he missed a show during the bye week when he, like many other players, left town to you know...see their families who are hundreds if not thousands of miles away. Do you understand the concept? Any reason to bash the guy right? It was a planned absense. He wasn't a no-show and therefore they had to round up DMac and Allen to fill in. Nice spin though.

No they don't BG. The opening post takes the cake, trying to pass it of as a no-show; the old "Printers, the ME player, the irresponsible selfish player pouted and didn't want to do the show" spin - unbelievable. My guess is that it was a planned absense due to Porter's performance. Also he hasn't been playing so what is he going to say? But this isn't even about his play now. People continue to try to find a way to bash the guy for everything when they know nothing. That's class. You bitter little people really need to see a therapist and just get it off your chest. "Do you know how much money that' guys' making Doc?!" Better yet, I've listened to enough of it, so you could just pay me directly for the session :thup: .

I often engage in meaningless converstation to pass the time, about things I really dont care about, like the price of tea in china.

While your post doesn't "engage" anything.. it is meaningless however

We get it FYB you don't like Printers... it's WELL documented throughout AND

Get over it already


I really hadn't noticed :roll: