The Casey Printers show

Monday, June 23, 2008 - 01:00PM

The Casey Printers Show debuts on AM 900 CHML tonight at 7:00 p.m.

Offensive lineman Marwan Hage will be a special guest with Casey and co-host Rick Zamperin.

The Casey Printers Show will air weekly -- every monday -- at 7:00 p.m.

Visit AM 900 CHML's website to listen live.

well anyone listening?

I am enjoying the interview very much.
I sincerely hope that someone gives Peter D. new underwear.


I listened about half way in(7:30) and it was very good, lol.

Poor Peter, it seems he is always getting picked on, reminds me of the time the "Ivor Wynne bandit" dumped gatorade on him while he was in the can.. lol.

Can't wait for next weeks show, thumbs up from me.

Now on to the TV for TSN's CFL preview.

damn..i wish i read this guessin its an hour long?

hopefuly it will be streamed online somewhere.

I'm in Texas and I listened on my computer. Boy I was laughing right along with those guys. See Fans, these guys mean business and I really love the show. It was great!!! I can't wait to see who he has on next.

Sorry I missed it I hope they have a PodCast

Very funny at the end when Nick Setta phoned in as 'Niko' and razzed Casey about Belli kissing apparently kissing him during the last game.

Oh, man what a good show! it's freakin funny!

It also shows me something that i think has been missing from this team for a long time : the guys are actually having FUN!

You can go to CHML and click on shows and then click on the Casey Printers show. It's divided into 5 segments. I'm listening to segment 1 right now.

i just finished listening to all the segments and man was that funny.

Marwan ripping petr's underwear LOL

and then "Nikos" calling in.

hopefully on the next casey printers show they will be talking about a victory from Thursday :slight_smile:

That is comic GOLD. I loved it.

My favourite line was when they were talking about the 2-a-days and Marwan says "I prefer walk-thrus everyday. That's the kind of guy I am."

Scratch that!! The Nick Setta stuff is killer. OMG I'm in tears. Hearing Marwan talk about the value of his privates is something I'll never forget. Too funny.

It's going to be tough to keep up with that one. I look forward to hearing the next show.