The Casey controversy

New Printers emerges from ‘the lab’;

‘I’ve gained a pretty bad rap over the years,

people thinking I’m a me guy’

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Unthinkable, that Buono would volunteer to insert a potentially unpopular element a virus [my quote] back into a locker-room Printers once alienated?

Nonsense, said the coach.

“Do you think I’m the most popular guy here?? he asked.

“There’s players on this team that don’t like each other.

So that’s irrelevant.

I know what happened here with Casey. I didn’t like it.

But at the end of the day, that’s not what matters.

If you want to live in the past, then
half these guys shouldn’t be here.?

He [Casey] said all the right things Monday.

That he has grown up since his first time around,

and that he has spent the last eight months “in the lab?

— his phrase — trying to figure out

what a quarterback should
say, and do, and act like.

Do you think Casey has discovered a vaccine
and wiped out the virus he had for so long?
Buono is careful to say, in every utterance, that Printers is here as injury insurance,

because the quarterbacking position is currently “dicey?
with Jackson hurt and Pierce perpetually teetering.

“This is more for depth, and I wouldn’t want
anybody to think it’s more than that,? he said.

“We’re happy with our guys, but
one injury and we could be in trouble.?....

“I don’t know [if Printers has changed].

If that injury occurs Wally will
come out smelling like a rose.

I’m a big believer in listening, but I’m also a big believer in seeing.

Tell me anything you want to tell me, I’ve heard it all.

But what’s more important is what I see.?

I read that Mike Kelly got turned off when he saw Casey
instructing receivers at that pre-season recruiting camp

If that was a factor in him not inviting Casey to Camp
and Casey takes the BC opportunity and succeeds 'big time'

and Mike Kelly keeps 'bombing out' and gets fired

his preconceptions about Casey may have cost him his job.


I saw Casey communicating with his new receivers
during his first passing drills here in Hamilton

Charlie Taaffe a former QB watched him do it.

It seemed to make sense to him, and it did to me

but what do Charlie and I know..

I was impressed with his confidence and leadership.

QBs are supposed to instruct receivers and get on the same page as them, so again it seems Clown's attempt to micromanage is absurd. I doubt Printers would have been telling the receivers to run routes contrary to what Kelly et al would want to see in a scrimmage or drill!

Oski Wee Wee,


Casey is a great guy. I have him on facebook and he is not a me only type of person. I hope he gets a real shot to play in BC this year, and i think he can still lead an offense.

His original website went a long way toward ensuring this reputation. It WAS a ME site. If he's changed then more power too him. He certainly showed a great skill set in the early years.

When Casey played here he spent most of his time running for his life.
He was a victim of a very bad offensive line. I can't think of many QB'S that have a long carrer under those conditions
I wish him all the luck with his attempt to retore his confidence and game.

I thought it was Windows XP, not ME...:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Red Hat,


The Lions are desperate if Wally loved him so much why did he wait so long to bring him to the team this guy failed his psychological evaluation badly with the K C Chiefs, on his first day in Hamilton he wants to have a team meeting as if to say lets meet the saviour. :thdn:

Does anyone remember when Casey refused to listen to coach Taaffe on 3rd down.
Who's supposed to be in charge the QB or coach. Taaffe(sp) gave in and I think Printers made a first down on a great catch by Brock Ralph. I, along with everyone else, had high hopes for him in Hamilton, but it didn't work out. His inflated ego is obvious. Whether that cockiness in a QB is an asset or liability is questionable.
However I doubt he was loved in the locker room. I remember when he took a late hit out of bounds and no one on the team came to his defense.