The Cap......

…3.8 million…administered religiously with draft or negotiation list penalties to those clubs who default…up 45% from the current level of 2.6 million…thoughts?

good luck with that, tom. i hope it works but i remain skeptical.

I like it. It will mean the CFL may be able to keep some players (they won't be as likely to try the show down south?). But, can the teams afford it? The CFL is a gate driven league. We need more tv revenue and then we can pass that on down to the players.

Sound like a step in the right direction,TV revenue is huge for the league,the league needs to look ata better way of diplaying our game say like the NFL playing in different countries,Maybe the 2 cup finialists should go play a game in Europe or Asia.They could also look at other ways of promoting say ie,Video game,Play--station or Nintendo CFL 06.I would certainly buy it!!! I also think working former greats into team promtions also help sell seats

Just curious RedandWhite, is this because Calgary lost to the hightest paid team in the league? If it is I have no sympathy for you because when any Rider fan tries to say anything about the cap we are whiny babies.

Well if the cap is going to work they have to have penalties to stop teams from going over. It would also be a step in the right direction to start publishing salaries so all CFL fans know that all teams are sticking to the salary cap.

....I like the idea of travelling a set of teams, but before venturing out of the country I'd try hitting spots within Canada that do not get to see a CFL game live.....Kelowna.......Windsor......QC......hell, play a game in Whitehorse or 1am in the morning!!!!

No what R&W is saying has been reported by Globe and Mail and tsn. Here is the link to the tsn story.

R&W is just the middleman.

......WTF is this crap?.........I don't have any alterior motives for bringing up this subject up, it's news, that's all.........besides, go read the story for yourselves, the Riders were just as guilty of blowing the cap as everyone else, well, maybe not the Gades.......I don't see greenandwhite halos above your heads either...

.....don't know if you'd get the published salaries....I'd like it too, but that would keep Braley and Campbell honest and frankly we'd have nothing to compalin about then....... :smiley:

Every other professional league does it and I beleive it is time for the CFL to it too. Otherwise how do you know that the CFL is keeping honest and abiding by their own rules.

redandwhite what really did you expect for that particular person.

I think that's a big jump from the 2.6 million level, but then again, if everyone's treating 2.6 as a "floor", I spose it's gotta jump drastically.

I think as long as there's penalties for exceeding and a real way to determine/enforce compliance, it's a great idear. If it's like the current one, no point. I'd like to see how they plan on enforcing it first before I was to comment further tho.

I think the key word here is "enforce". If the league had trouble keeping owners in line at 2.6 mil. What says they will have better luck at 3.8??

I think the key word here is "enforce". If the league had trouble keeping owners in line at 2.6 mil. What says they will have better luck at 3.8??

with the increase in players salary.............have the players union help out..........every player has to release his income tax returns both american and canadian.........

Definetly is a good thing. As long as they enforce it. I would agree that they need to publicize player's salaries. Would make teams and players a lot more accountable.

The union would not have the returns and would be prevented by law from releasing them even if they did.

i've been saying they should cap it at 4 million for the last 5 months! 3.8mil sounds good to me...i just hope they enforce it...

another step in the right direction for the league!

this step had to be taken if there ever is going to be a chance for expansion to a 10th team league, parity and financial stability for all teams!

Trouble is you can hide things. Example:

I want R&W to play QB for me. I pay him under the cap $100,000.oo, But my company, ABC Widgets will also pay him 100,000.oo to be an inspirational speaker to my employees. He comes into work, once a year for lunch. Shakes hands with everyone and gets his 100,000 from my company.

Reality: R&W Makes $200,000.oo to play QB for me.
Reportedly: R&W Only makes $100,000.oo under the cap as a QB for me. I've legally hidden half of his salary.