The cancellation of my Spec subscriptions

Agreed with the sleazy, one-sided approach of the Hamilton Speculator.

Opinion pieces are one thing, even if they are misinformed or full of half-truths or lies.

But reporting is totally one-sided and with the Letters section, one would think that 95% of people supported WH when the City's own poll found it close to 50-50. I know polls are not gospel but I don't believe the Spec has been balanced.

And re the editorial cartoon, I haven't seem it but if it's that insulting to BY, no wonder he would not want to have anything to do with Council or the City.

I wonder what the Spec is getting out of this? Hmmm...

It shows him "evolving" from a saviour of the tiger-cats into a first grader taking his ball home. It's pathetic.

According to those left wing papers mentioned it is all Mike Harris fault!!!!

Have you read the editorials? They are the perfect counterbalance to the Star. You can demean it all you want, but at least the city of Toronto has two publications that frame the issue in two different ways, as opposed to Hamilton which has one paper to shove their capitalist-hating, government-loving viewpoint down the citizens' throats.

Dear Pat say you were wrong in 75 and I say you're wrong again in 2010. That's not bad 35 years without a snafu. Listen up Sir...the Globe is a Liberal leftie paper while the Star is so far left it's almost right. The Star carries the water for all the leftie wackos. If you can get past the Sunshine Girl pops, you'll see that the Sun has some great writers on staff. :cowboy:

8) I agree with you 100%. The so called cartoon, is on page A 16, the Opinion page, and is done by "MACKAY" of the Spec.
 And people wonder why Bob Young is upset and disgusted with this whole scenario here in Hamilton ??

 Oh well, don't worry Bob will end up having the last laugh on all these self rightous morons !!!

That cartoon did it for me! What a sick sense of humour. Bring back Blaine: he would not have done that.

I cancelled my subscription today because the Spectator's
editorial board publicly endorsed the West Harbour site.

I don't think it should be within any newspaper's editorial board's mandate
to influence negotiations going between the City on an ongoing business

by endorsing one side or the other for any reason at all, but they did.

The Spectator editorial board didn't concern themselves with whether
there was a good business case for the Tiger Cats at the Rheem site

they, like mayor Fred just felt that it was good for the downtown

The Spec's daily fanning of the flames of this controversy

created the impression among many of the Spec's reader
that the Tiger Cats should do the right thing for the City

and nuzzle up to Fred and let him scratch them on their bellies.

The Spectator didn't just make a hypothetical suggestion
about what projects would be good for the West Harbour,

they endorsed one side in the negotiations taking place
between the City and a long established ongoing business.

The Spec's influence created tremendous negative repercussions
in this cityfor Bob Young it has driven the Tiger Cats out of town.

Is that not proof enough that the Spec's endorsement was wrong?

The one titled The Evolution of Bob Young

which shows 3 pictures of him in diminishing stature from

Ticat Savior to East Mountain Champion to First Grader


and what about the editorial board's WEST HARBOUR THE RIGHT CALL

If they realize that the Tiger Cats are gone, they don't seem to care.

I agree wholeheartedly, Ron.

I cancelled this morning...
felt sooooo good :smiley:

Would you all be cancelling if it was a Pro-Bob stance and not for the city ?

I doubt it .... it wouldn't even be mentioned .. stop crying people
go support your cats wherever they are and there wouldn't be any problems ..fact is Hamilton is not a sports city and if the fans cannot support the team by buying tickets they don't deserve ANY team at any location and if you tell me that IWS location is why people do not go then explain the labor day games to me

The Hamilton Spectator (i call them the Harbour West spectator) has gone far beyond reporting the news on the new stadium. They have been part of the game... holding citys halls hand from day 1. Have you noticed the letters to the editor are 10 to 1 in favour of the stadium in the west harbour....hmmmmm i geuss pro ticat or pro ticat or pro confederation people don't write to the editor. todays cartoon on Bob a hamiltonian that saved a 141 year business and institution in this city is the final straw for me...after a 35 plus year subscription i have said goodbye this morning to the harbour west spec.

The Mayor and a few others claim they are Caretakers for Hamilton. They may be "Takers" but they sure don't "Care" about anyone or anything that has to do with the taxpayers that elected them. How original can they get. First they take out the Caretaker of the Cats and now thay take the name BY uses. I am cancelling my Spec right now also. Let the Spec get a bailout from the Mayor.

I couldn't believe todays cartoon. The ticats were going down for the count until bob showed up and saved them by spending millions of his own dollars. has the spec ever contributed money to the ticats? todays cartoon was uncalled citizen of hamilton should be ridiculed that way. the spec the mayor and the council have gotten their way...don't need to rub salt into the wounds which is what this cartoon does.

I do hope Bob realizes that the cartoorn came from Torstar and not the people of this city. That is an incredibly insulting piece of garbage that should be left in Toronto's rags. The Spec is doing what it is told to do by Torstar, but I will still not renew my subscription. Maybe all this is in the plan by Torstar to get rid of the Spec because they have been hounding me for daily deliveries for a while.

Once plast parting shot... someone should ask city council including the mayor if there is a plan for a hotel complex at confederation park, and if anyone on council has a vested interest in said deal. Do not know if it is true but is worth being asked about.

8) The cartoon was done by "MACKAY", at the Hamilton Spectator !!
 Just another knife in the back to Bob, from our illustrious hamilton news rag !!   <!-- s:twisted: -->:twisted:<!-- s:twisted: -->

Dear Buck, if you think the Globe and Mail is liberal then perhaps you feel Fox News and the Tea Party are mainstream ? I guess it all depends on where you think the "middle" of the political spectrum is. As far as the Spec and their coverage of the stadium location is concerned, I agree that the Spec is on the wrong side of history here. Perhaps we should congratulate Fred,the Spec, city council, and of course the Toronto Argos on getting the new Pan Am Stadium for Toronto.

Pat Lynch( :x :x :x old guy in section 7)

Just cancelled my subscription (after 38 years) due to the editorial cartoon. How is calling Bob a crybaby going to help anything? All of the advertising dollars that the Ticats put into the Spec and they embarass him like that. It's up there with Merulla calling the Ticats welfare bums. And then at the end of the council meeting yesterday, they state that they want to reach out to Bob. What a load.

Exactly!!! :thup: