The cancellation of my Spec subscriptions

I called the Spectator and informed them that if we lose the TC I am cancelling my two subscriptions asap. I also annually put in a large memorial for my dad with a pic which will also be cancelled. I'm totally appalled with the way the Spec has "carried the water" for the city council and the WH site. They were totally biased in their op-ed page...totally slanted towards favouring the WH site and treating the Cat's and Bob Young so terribly. To me, this newspaper with its biased views totally tilted to the WH, have been complicit in running our Tiger Cats out of town. I hope they're happy now. Maybe they can stick their paper down in the WH location because it's toxic bull shite on newspaper belongs there! :cowboy:

I wouldn’t line my bird cage with that rag. :rockin:

It is a horrible, HORRIBLE newspaper - by far most poorly written paper in all of Canada.

I love it when they call me and ask if I want to buy a subscription. I say 'no,' and they say, 'can we ask why?' They are always taken back when I say 'because I don't want my money going to pay the salaries of your terribly misinformed sports writers.' This always takes the caller back, because they don't know how to answer. I guess a retort to my answer must mot be on the sheet that they give their telemarketers!

I have no problems with their Op-Ed pieces being biased. That's what Op-Ed pieces are, after all.

What I do take issues with is their slanting of the actual news. In their article on the WH rally, they named the city councilors who were in attendance. When they covered the EM rally, they never mentioned one of the councilors who attended, but did mention other names like Angelo Mosca. That, to me, is irresponsibly reporting the news.

The paper is a totally left wing newspaper and we do not have a alternative paper in this town to compete with them. Maybe the Spec can move to the WH site and hug a few trees to boot. :cowboy:

I think this may be the biggest problem. In Toronto, they have to deal with the Star, but at least they have the Sun to balance it out. Same with Ottawa, Montreal, etc. Where is Hamilton's counterbalance?

A 500,000 population metropolis with one daily paper and one TV station ?

The Spec hasn’t been a good paper for a number of years but became even worse when they became a “farm team” of the Toronto Star.

I subscribe to the Spec… but only because it’s cheaper than toilet paper, not as soft… but hey you can’t have everything… right??

Ah, but what percentage of those 500,000 people can read? :twisted:

Obviously, not CITY COUNCILORS! :twisted:

Totally my point Matelock...the leftie Toronto Star writers often have their columns in the Spec and if you never read anything else other than the Spec you're as good as brainwashed. This paper puts its views out and all the writers seem to fall in line like little ants reiterating the talking points. I really sick and tired of their shite. :cowboy:

I have always been amazed/disgusted at the bias towards BY in the spec.

Given all the money he has lost over the years they should be ashamed.

Also the people who wrote nasty letters of contempt towards Mr Young should be ashamed as well.

I subscribe to the Spec and don't agree with the editorial viewpoint re. the Pan Am Stadium site. Suggesting that the Toronto Sun counter balances any real newspaper is doubtful. The Sun has lots of bright pictures and lots of ads to amuse those who lack intellectual curiosity. The Globe and Mail and the Star offer conservative and liberal viewpoints and I would suggest that the Spec falls somewhere in between in local issues. You are right to cancel your subscription if you feel that strongly but don't ever confuse journalism with the Toronto Sun. But that's just my opinion and I was wrong once,back in 1975. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Does the Sun still have the Sunshine girl? That was the only reason I bought it and since I got the Internet, well, Sunshine girl isn't quite as provocative any more. :wink:

The Globe is more of a Liberal viewpoint with the Star being unabashedly socialist. The Post used to be Conservative when Conrad Black owned it, but the Aspers are lifelong Liberal Party members. Even when the Post carried the Conservative view it still offered contrary opinions from people like Sheila Copps, Buzz Hargrove, etc. You don't see that in the Star/Spec.

The reporters from the Mountain News make the Spec's reporters and editorial staff look like pathetic amateurs.....remember when a Spec beat reporter tried to have Ozzy put in jail ? :roll: (Larry.. what's his face)

The Spectator was once a great newspaper for our community. Now it is a left wing brainwashing machine. If this stadium goes in the east mountain, I would love to laugh in the ignorant dumb faces of the jerks at the spectator that have pushed this city to brink all to suit their centrally planned agenda. Despicable human beings. There is a special place that these people will end up when their dead, I hope they like sulfur.

These despicable human beings are going to end up in east Hamilton? :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Check out the cartoon for tomorrow. Ripping into a guy that has put 30 million in this community. They can go to hell.