The Canadian / US Border

I heard Trudeau extended border closing untill the end of July.
Does any know if our CFL American players will be an exception ? Considered essential service. Same question for Canadian NHL players going to an American Hub City.
I hope they allow our American players to come over in the same manner that Canadian NHL players go over to the US Hub City.
I am also concerned that some American players may just get another job for 2020 and stay home.
If we have a 9 game season , I assume they will only get 9 games pay or half their salary. Some players might not find it worth waiting around for half pay with covid19 risk in really cold stadiums in Covid friendly Winnipeg or Regina.
I wonder too if every team would play eacher once ? But that would make for only 8 games. Or would we only play eastern opponent playing them 3 times each. If this is the case, I could see the Ticats having a good shot at the best overall record and thus hosting the Grey Cup but that is no guarantee they participate in the Grey Cup . On Paper, i think the Ticats look like the strongest team in the CFL with the additions of Larry Dean and Patrick Levels on Defence and the addition of Posey and return of Sean Thomas-Erlington and Masoli on Offence. I still think they will sign Tasker once the season is set to Go. We likely have the best 1-2 QB tandem in the CFL which is perfect.

I could perhaps be argued that they are travelling for work which might already or could become an exception.

There's already an exemption for athletes.

The NHL hub city model has already been approved by the federal government and any of the provinces that want to host the NHL. If the CFL follows the same model it should be no problem. The most likely hub cities are Winnipeg and Regina and they both seem wiling.
With the current state of the economy in the US I don't think many players will find a better job. Plus there is the issue of being out of football for a whole year. Any player that has asperations of a NFL carrier will want to play as much as possible. No current game film really hurts your chances of an NFL tryout.