THE Canadian Football League!

All Canadians should be proud of your Canadian Football League, the caliber of players and coaches make it a truly Professional Football League!
We really enjoyed our visit to Vancouver and watching a great Grey Cup football game. We have agreed not to make any specific comments relative to the game itself since we are strictly guests, it is YOUR LEAGUE.
We were busy from the time we touched down until we took off this morning. We had dinner Saturday night at a restaurant called WEST then we roamed the area, don’t ask me the names of the lounges we went to, some with TiCat fans, some with Stamps fans, some with both fans. We want to Thank all the fans and the Vancouver residents we met, everyone was cordial, friendly and thanked us for flying up to join the festivities and watch the game.
We also agree that we are “hooked” on the CFL and next year when a Company Plane is available we will return and try to see other CFL teams and stadiums.
We want to truly Thank the Members of this Forum for being so helpful and putting up with our questions this year. You are great people and neighbors and really helped understand the CFL. In turn we have gotten the CFL message to many more fans here in the US.
This will probably be my/our last Post for a while so we wish all our Canadian friends a Happy Holiday Season, a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year!

challenger99, please feel free in commenting all you want, as you have DEFINITELY made it YOUR league as well. Thank you for joining us in our Grey Cup run, and your enthusiasm for the game. Again, please feel free to join in on the conversations, it is a VERY long off-season...

You are not alone…I’m and American who has traveled all throughout Eastern Canada and I absolutely love Canadian Football…I’m also 34 years old and I was hooked the day I saw Baltimore win the Grey Cup on tv back in 1995. I have made the CFL my league as well.

Keep on spreading the word on how great our game is! Can't wait until the 2015 season!!
The Cats will be the team to watch...Oskee wee wee