the Canada flag

i would really like to point out that part of the pregame is opening that gorgous Canada flag and i really think that if the flag is open before the fly over and open before O Canada is sung would be so much better ... think of the view that that pilot see if the flag is open by the time he flys by personally i think it would be amazing

Actually, I was going to mention, I think the flag needs a couple of repairs. I sometimes see fans poking their hands through it at some of the seams. Granted patching the flag I don't think would look quite right either, but I do notice there is a bit of damage.

I agree 100% :thup:

Not sure that it's damage, actually. I've noticed gaps along seams, but I think those were put in place to allow wind to pass through the flag, rather than having it turn into a giant sail.

When the CF 18's buzz the field it wouldn't be a good thing if they blow the flag away!It's good to know someone thought this through and decided that we didn't want the world's biggest sail instead of the world's biggest (?) flag. :wink:

You think of it, it takes a lot of people to keep the flag from sailing away, you wouldn't think,it's just some material but the power of the wind and that makes it difficult.