The Calvillo Cahoon Show featuring the Riders

Well another season is done. I have a lot of mixed emotions about this game, and this season. I am pissed off, but I will get over it. There probably will be some heads rolling (some should be some shouldn't) in the next couple weeks.

Notes on the game.
Calvillo picked the defence apart the entire first half. He did what he wanted when he wanted. Man what I would give to have a Ben Cahoon type player on the Riders.

Reasons we lost.

  • Calvillo and Co. outshone the Riders D the whole first half.
  • Crandell's costly turnovers. Especially that one in the redzone, which was entirely his fault.
  • Costly penalties, Perry what were you doing
  • Recievers can't catch the ball - French amde a lot of catches but he dropped some key ones. If richardson catches the long bomb the end of that game would have been a lot more exiting
  • None of The Riders did anything extra. There were no YAC yards. NObody was breaking tackles. Holmes was running alright but of course they had to abandon that.
  • 2nd and one, how about try a fake handoff or dive, and throw the ball up to our 6'4" recievers.
  • TIME - there wasn't enough of it, and the riders didn't utilize the time they had. When you have to march 70 yards down the field, and it takes 7 first downs and 5 minutes to do it, you know there is some trouble when you are down by three scores.
  • Montreal is a great team. That is the most important reason we lost. They played absolutely mistake free football. You do that, 9 times out of 10 you win the game.

I'll be on here still lots, but I might be taking a back seat a bit.
Good luck to the Rest of the teams, and BC win the damn thing

One upside.....I don't think I heard "Holding, Saskatchewan #53" all game.....

Gotta disagree, Billy.....I'm looking at a Montreal/Calgary matchup at GC..... :smiley:

things I agree with
That contacting the kickers penality has got to be the dumbist peanilty this year.
I also wonder why they dont air it out more on 2 and 1 and just go for it one third if they miss

This must have been the first time this year the Alouettes were not the most penalized team on the field. Riders were very undisciplined. Gotta agree with ro... The roughing the kicker had absolutely no reason of happening. The kick was already off for almost 2 seconds when Duval got hit. That turned a Riders possession into a Montreal touchdown-scoring drive.

And I couldn't figure out why the Riders were using so much time in the 4th quarter. They were doing a better job than Montreal at running the clock out, but they were the ones in the gutter.

Billy, heads may roll, but I'm afraid it won't necessarily be the ones you would like to see on the floor.

Well Riders, now you really know what it’s like to have Marcus Crandell as your QB. Get rid of him. He’ll choke every time in the big game, serving up throws to nobody all the time because he can’t think fast enough to figure out what to do when the pressure’s on. He’s great for handing off the ball over and over, but you can’t do that forever. Better luck next year, I was really hoping you’d take it through the East.

um, jm02, this isn’t the AFL/VFL playoffs (and take god it’s not, I hate that system), Calgary’s out and they can’t come back.

ah! you posted this during the game though.

don’t get so down. Edmonton and Montreal will be in the GC.

Who said I was down? You read way too much into things.....

Congrats Als fans! A well desreved win yesterday. Good luck against the Argos.

Hardee, har, har…

I think, for once, you are correct…

third, the reason we wasted all that time, is becuase unfortunately that is the only thing our offense can do. You saw what happened when we tried to throw deep. One was picked off, and the other time the reciever let it go right through his hands. If either of those balls were to a Dominguez, or a Copeland, Stegal, or Simon, I would bet on the reciever coming down with the ball. But know we have French and Richardson. woooooo.

I would agree Calgary4Life that we need a new QB but I think Crandell would be a great QB to have in a backup role. We just need that starter.

So why not pull him, Soupy?

And put in who?? Nealon?? I think the coaches made the right decision to keep Crandell in. It was the only decision they could make. Nealon Greene is not gonna score 15 pints in a hlaf, let alone 30

I think you're wrong. He has the potential to change the complete dinamics of a game...

Hamilton, anybody? be fair, I made that comment at kickoff of the Cgy/Edm game, when I sincerely thought Calgary would win.....Edmonton clearly won it on their skill and determination, and brought their best in the second half.....they made the adjustments necessary, and silenced (well, sort of.....) the naysayers.....

…there’s never any sufficient “silencing”, now is there, jm?

Can I include myself?


I have a pretty good record when it comes to the playoffs, Moses. I predicted the GC successfully last year. I was 3 and 2 to be honest.

I go the:

Toronto over BC in the GC (I rhymed again! wee!)
Toronto over Hamilton
BC over Saskatchewan

I was wrong on:

Saskatchewan beating Edmonton
Toronto beating Montreal

And I'm gonna go with. no one cares how you did last year.

how did YOU do Billy?