The Calgary Stampeders OC is not interested

The Calgary Stampeders offensive co-ordinator is not interested in talking to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers about their vacant head-coaching position and will return for at least one more season with the Red and White.

"After giving it a great deal of thought, it's not something I want to jump into right now," Buratto said Thursday. "For a number of reasons, most of them personal.

"I don't know that I'd have the energy to devote to all the things that need to be done, in order to have a chance to win. And I don't want to be separated from my wife for six months."

Buratto's wife, Judy, was injured in a serious car accident in 2003 when she collided with a semi-trailer. Physically, she's still not 100 per cent and he prefers to be close to her.

They're currently selling their house in British Columbia and plan to buy in Calgary before next Canadian Football League season.

Contrary to Buratto's usual policy, he's prepared to sign a long-term deal with the Stamps. He'll likely be given the title of associate head coach/offensive co-ordinator.

"The reason I haven't signed a multi-year (contract) in the past is because they're not worth the paper they're printed on," he said. "Ted (co-owner/president Hellard) has assured me that's not the case because of the way it will be structured.

"The opportunity to have a chance to try and finish what we started this season in Calgary is appealing to me. I really enjoy working with Tom (head coach Higgins) and the other coaches.

"The owners are great. They're businessmen who treat the team like a business. They did everything and more than they should have this year to help us win."


I heard the bombers asked him not to expect a call back…

sorry I should have clarified.......after his teams performance in the west semi it became clear to the bombers that Burrito was not the man for the job in winnipeg.......

Piggy I like you but I am sure Buratto is not sitting by the phone for a job that will be for one year. Taman will be replaced next year and the new GM will want his coach in there. That is it in a nut shell. The Winnipeg board would have been smart to clean house. This way the rebuilding starts in 2006 vs 2007.

see my previous post.......almost isnt good enough here kiddo.....we want the real meal deal not ground chuck........

Right and you just might end up with pork sausage!

with a little sauer kraut it aint so bad.......lots of hunkies here you know......

ya sauerkraut hmmmmmmm

I hope the best for him and his wife.

anyway, who is next on the list for the bombers?

I believe moe is next curly did not get the job! Kidding it looks like it is going to between Austin and Poapoa

Austin, Marshall and Poopoo, this should get interesting

For what it's worth I'm betting on Marshall, if for no other reason than the fact that in the wild and wacky CFL we used to have two teams with the same name, now we can have two head coaches with the same name.