The Calgary Stampede

…the famous rodeo and infamous party about to roll out it’s 2019th edition…anyone been to it? coming to it? running far far away from it?

…somehow Calgary found a way to have five extra stat holidays held in the form of a giant costume party where everyone dresses up like they’re from Westworld…but it’s also the time of the season where the least amount of work happens…more gets done around Christmas than the next three weeks…still, you gotta love those chuckwagon races…

I used to love hitting all the free Stampede breakfasts I could.

The midway was fun as a teen.

I’m not a big fan of the chucks and rodeo though.

…yeah, its a questionable practice…there’s been headway in the area of animal protection but accidents still occur…

I cannot for the life of me understand why you would want to get on the back of a mad bull. It’s got horns for cripes sake ! It weighs over a half a ton… It’s hard for me to watch when I see a young guy learning this sport ?

spent last week in Calgary. Got out Friday afternoon.

Fun City. But needed to break free before the craziness started.