The Calgary Game

So we knocked off the Als at home.
The defence held strong against a great Q/B in Calvillo.
Fantastic game.
Next is Burris, in Calgary.
Burris is another big test for our Defence, he is very mobile and elusive.
They also have great running backs.
Our awesome front four and linebackers are going to shut them down
The Nags are winless at home so far this year and will remain that way.
When we win this game it will be another measuring stick game for us.

I currently live in Calgary for school, and have had Stampeders season tickets since 2007. Every time the Ticats have been in town it's been a depressing, painful experience.

2007: 37-9 loss
2008: 43-16 loss
2009: Heartbreaking and boring 15-14 loss
2010: 55-24 loss and my girlfriend didn't bother showing up so I had to sit by myself.

This year my friend's wife bought him 2 tickets to any concert he wanted to go to, and he happened to pick a show that happens this Saturday night, and he happened to pick me to go. I couldn't tell him to scram, because that was obviously very nice of his wife, and it's going to be a fantastic concert. So this year I am skipping the Tiger-Cats game in Calgary.

And you know what? I guarantee that they are going to clobber the Stamps because I am not going to be there, and I'm a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE jinx. All those terrible years between 2002 and 2006? Yup, I was a season ticket holder in Hamilton.

So, everyone please thank my friends Andrew and Beth for pulling me away from the game on Saturday. If this is the year the 'Cats turn the tables and win the Grey Cup, you could probably pinpoint the game in Calgary as the moment that changed everything.

Calgary is a very good team and they're well coached. I'm glad they won on Saturday because I didn't want to face a desperate Stamps team. Playing them in Calgary could be our toughest test yet.

Some of the horses are hurtin':

As expected, R Ken-Yon Rambo (Achilles tendinitis) and R Larry Taylor (bruised leg) both missed Tuesday’s practice. DE Charleston Hughes (leg) was also a spectator.