The C.F.L. tells our be silent about the Reff's

The old boys club not only is in Ottawa..
It's alive and well in the C.F.L.
CHTV has reported that the Brass of the C.F.L. has told our basicly shut-up, regarding officiating in the C.F.L.

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Great way to solve a BIG problem...that has gone on for far to many years.
Fix the problem...have better teaching classes for the Reff's and pay them more they are not just part-time.
Rather than just trying to cover-up and shut-up and hope it goes away....

cfl refs r bruuutal we've all known this for too long. our GM has a point that needs to be adressed its getting rediculas

Watch the refs get us next game for this. :thdn:

Ok, Marcel may have been a little off-side with his remark about the refs but where does Pinball get off stating that the problem is clearly with our coaches. Why can’t Pinball control his dirty players like Mr. O’Shea and Mr. Belli then? Or is it just a lot of hot T.O. air again?

They can tell our GM to shutup but they cant tell us. :x

Watch the refs get us next game for this.
I hope the Hamilton fans...will start to flood George Black with e-mails. This has to be addressed..and not just covered up. And as far as Pinball blaming it on the Coaches...thats just 'nuts'. It's time to start to fix this problem...period.

either that or they will not call anything on us lol, just to make us happy n them not look so bad.

As they should. Keep that garbage out of the media.
Perhaps it would be a better use of Marcel's time to figure out how he can field a competitive team.

Bad move on Desjardin's part. Sure he must be frustrated but he had to know that it's an issue that the league is not about to open up for discussion just because of his remarks. However, it just might just tick off the officials enough to subconsciously rule against the Cats on judgement calls in the future.

If he felt that strongly about it, he should've made his views known through backdoor channels rather than public criticism. It would've been safer for the team.

An Argo-Cat fan

the cfl is right.....shaaaad up want to fix things do behind the scenes not out front stomping your feet. and the fans that agree with what marcel did are completley wrong. bad refs or not it is not a problem that just hamilton has to deal with....if you think the refs or the league is picking on hamilton you are niave and misguided. time to man up and get some leaders on this team. hard discipline and accountability is a good start.....get this and the penalties will decline. carry on kids.

Imo nwo is rite to some extent, But there is no denying the refs are inconsistent, and flag happy,. the issue has been exposed !!!! Good job Marcel now everybody shut up and lets see how things go over the next three games !

i am !!! as i rub my eyes in disbelief. lol.

This is all getting blown out...Marcel just said we should look at the feasibility of introducing more American refs. He didn't say 'do it or else'. Just a recommendation to look at the situation.

The League is right in telling Marcel to be quiet, tone it down or whatever their wording was. That is the one problem I have with our GM is that he deals too much in the press. He says things about players that are best left for closed doors, and in this case aired something to a local newspaper that is better left to be handled through official channels. He is right in what he said, to a degree, but as in all businesses there is a chain of command.

Like some have already said, the league knows it has a problem, they have known for some time and they are trying to take steps to correct it.

In the meantime put you helmet on, strap it up and play with intelligence.

I'm 40 years old and as far back as I can remember I have many memories of bad calls against the Cats. Why can't I remember any bad calls against our opponents? The answer would be that the bad ones against you are the ones you remember you tend not to remember the ones that help you.

The inconsitency is what drives you nuts, I find it is usually the side judges who generally have the least number of games experience that tend to "miss" the most or call the most marginal one that I notice.

Like I said it's been happening all my life as a Ti-Cat fan, i'm sure it's not going to change any time soon.

As long as Marcel gets the attention of the CFL brass and they tell their on-field officials to be more consistant then his suggestion has worked.
I have followed the CFL for a long time and I can remember the same discussion re. officiating over fifty years ago.
Mayber we will get a break fromthe officials.

I think Marcel Desjardins has been good for the Hamilton Tiger Cats and the CFL in general.
His frustrated comments will cause the referee in chief and other concerned parties to take a long hard look at themselves.

While most of the Tiger Cat penalties this year have been deserved, some have also been downright ridiculous. They have been discussed enough already that I don't have to reintroduce them here.

Mr. Desjardin's comments may appear as sour grapes to some, but this man's enthusiasm for the team and his ambition to do well in his new role should not be over looked. He has put his heart and soul into making our team successful and I applaud him for this.

He certainly has had his wrists slapped by the league, but good for you Marcel for putting the bug in their ear.

Like many of you on this site, I don't give a damn where the officials come from, and I believe, this is also where Marcel is coming from.

Hang in there Mr. Dejardins. You are definitely making headway, something Hamilton fans are not used to.

ok, I missed something, when and where did pinball blame what on whose coaches??

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i have always been a fan of the tiger-cats and thought us fans as a whole were obnoxious but very football savvy. to listen to the posters say "good for marcel to put a bug in their ear" is ridiculous and makes Hamilton fans look like a bunch of whiners with no class. there are ways and proper channels for a man as resourceful as marcel that should be used. so everyone please shut your yaps and lets play football. i promise you were 0-4 because were garbage. improving nevertheless but still garbage......and if you want to help the team focus on what the team can fix.