the "bye" week

can someone please explain to me why there is a "bye" week...
8 teams doesn't make sense...

its called "rest"

lol. its a long season, and it gets hot up here beleive it or not....

i would assume it was done to keep the same number of weeks for the TV contract

thanks swordfish
espo…“up here”…on the mountain? its hot below the mountain aswell…lol


naw, just making fun of the whole ‘igloos in july’ stereotype of cannada that used to go on, especially on american cartoons.

byes are good.

having both of your byes in october is not.

I'm all for bye eeks in October for two reasons:

  1. I't the perfec time to allow for nagging injuries to heal; and

  2. I'm getting married during a bye week, so I guess that's OK too.. lol

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials...BTW, did you have any say on the 'Cats schedule (see point 2) :wink:

Thank you, I don't think I have that kind of "pull"... lol Originally, it was an away game. The team we were scheduled to play doesn't exist anymore.

Playing a football game is like being in a car accident.

i think part of the problem was when ottawa folded. because you had 2 bye weeks with 9 teams. if you had only 1 bye week the playoffs and grey cup would have been changed and i guess they didnt want to move those dates up