The Buzz

I've been feeling a lot of "buzz" in the air for this game. Everyone is talking about the Tiger-Cats again, and everyone is excited for the game Saturday. I have a feeling we might see a big crowd if the weather holds up.

Sounds like the weather is going to be miserable. But hopefully we can get the W.

weather man is retarded..a couple days ago they had today listed as rain..then i checked yesterday and they said thismorning they say rain again....

they really have NO CLUE until the day of.

And how is it his fault? He's just reading the info he's given lol. And the politically correct term nowadays is E-tarded lol.

it was supposed to rain at the home opener and it never did....

I am hoping the rain just absolutely pours down today. then we can just keep giving the ball to Jesse and Tre. :slight_smile: