The burning question on everybody's mind...

Who’ll end up in the cellar? Argos or Riders? I gotta go with the Riders. The Argos can score more than a few points per game, the Rider’s offense looks like they’ve already headed home for the offseason.

maybe, Riders I cannot see winning another game this year.

the Argos .. well, they might be able to beat Edmonton. MIGHT..

I voted Argos........Sask. defeats Hamilton at home in Regina. :cowboy:
Argos lose at home to the my call

Doesn't Saskatchewan already have the season series? That'd mean the Argos would need to win two more games at a bare minimum to avoid last. I just don't see that happening.

I think they'll both go 0-4 the rest of the way..

Thing is, the Riders have been downright awful the past few weeks. Based on the current CFL season.. that probably means they're going to explode and win a game somewhere down the stretch, because nobody in their right mind is expecting it.

The Argos, on the other hand, I see no hope for. Not this year..

Technically speaking, the Riders also have the season series since they tied 1-1 and the Riders outscored them in the two games.

So I'll say Toronto.

Well, now that Durant is finished for 2011, they are tight pressed to beat anyone!