The "Burn The Witches" Warmup (?) Thread LMAO

Ah yes!

You knew it HAD to return.

I hope this is the last thread of its kind this year.

Underwhelming second half -- and leaving your starting QB to boot.

From a gameplanning/playcalling standpoint, we didn't show much for most of the game. Some might point to that as an achievement, but with Mike Gibson involved (and Greg Marshall to a lesser degree), I don't consider it much of a difference from the usual fare.

Better tighten up the chinstrap next week, boys. Toronto WILL go Globetrotter-wild in what they run to get an edge. What will our staff do? Preparation has to prevail, not Prep H!

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I'm not worried.... we will prevail.. good always triumphs over evil!!

In the end. December 31st is the end. LMAO

We need to somehow get the 60-minutes-of-football message to sink in. I have more confidence in the players than the coaches to get the fire going. If the team thinks it can pull this crap off in the playoffs and close the deal in Edmonton, they are in for a replay of last year.

It is the Argos. That should suffice to amp up the adrenaline. There has to be more though. A lot more!

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Floyd all talk. It's getting old.

We didn't show up in the 2nd half because we didn't need to...that said if we played Bruce, I'm sure we would've won. I'm glad we didn't play Bruce due to risk of exceeding his injury

The receivers didn't show up on a couple of key plays. Cobb was forgetable again and a key drop on second down that was right in his hands when we needed to keep BC off the field and it wasn't the first time Cobb has dropped the ball this season in this very same do or die situation. Mentally Cobb is weak. He lacks concentration. Thornton drop was the game saver for the Lions. That was a killer. If you can't catch that to save a game then please get out of Hamilton, I don't want ya. Mann had one right in his hands on a long bomb and dropped it. But Cobb's drop was the easiest and took the offense off the field and it wasn't the first time this season he as done that. I believe he needs to be shopped. Cobb has simply not done the job. Glenn threw the game away when he was in field goal position and choked, typically. After that the receivers took over to blow key plays and then the defense with undisciplined penalties. In Edmonton they are calling us pussies and I have no defense for it.

If you say so. Again, this "turn it on/turn it off" crap is just that, crap, IMHO. We are not at the stage where the team excels a gear down from pedal-to-the-metal. Just saying.

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If you look back to what happened after the turn it on/turn off'll see what we did on a stretch of games :stuck_out_tongue:

I know. We may be the greatest Week 14-16 franchise in professional sports. Big Octobers count in baseball, but I digress.

ANY football team with Mike Gibson as an OC is an adventure. Period. Get it done or be done.

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Some great plays and individual performances by a few of the Tiger-Cats against BC, particularly by Jermaine Reid, called to action for the first time in a long time. Also, what a wonderful accident to learn, as we did earlier in the year with Bruce, that Mann should be playing inside. But, if there was ever a worse 1-game performance by a head coach in Tiger-Cat history, I don't recall it.

2:30 left in the first half. Ahead by 7 and outplaying the opposition in a game that means everything to them and nothing to us, playoffs next week, and he chooses to try on 3rd and very long yard, just shy of mid-field, and fails (again) with his chosen "sneaker" who stands up tall to try and get the yardage. A minute and half later, the game is tied. WHY?

Ahead by 7 at the half, he leaves all of his starters in for ALL of the second half. Unless, I'm wrong the only reachable individual record remaining was McDaniel's 1000 yard season. It became obvious that getting that was his plan, or the plan of his QB without objection from him. It led to perhaps, even probably, losing McDaniel for the semi-final or more, while leaving him 2 yards short of likely bonus dollars, risking injury to other can't-do-without players, and leading his team to a situation where they will undoubtedly question their ability to succeed in the playoffs. WHY?

And, another full game of choosing to take the ball, after all opposition FGs, at the 35, keeping the ball out of the hands of the team's top play makers on KO returns. WHY?

I could go on, but that should be enough to qualify for this "title."

Overall, after 18 games, with the great improvement in talent, it's very disappointing to be heading in the playoffs on a 2-game downer with the same record as last year when we hosted the semi on a 3-game win streak and lost.

I don't think I can add anything to this post. You summed it up perfectly.

I concur. This was our bye week, effectively. Play like that second half again and it will be bye-bye!

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Not that anyone will care .... :roll: but after holding out hope that Marcel might grow into being the right man for the job, although his sticking with Gibson made doubt it, his decision to play Glenn in the 2nd half has to be IMO, one of the dumbiest things I've ever seen a coach do in the CFL. Not to mention that he pis*ed away a perfect chance to get the back up QB's some game time he now ensures we have two rusty back ups going into the playoffs. Must do wonders for thier confidence, sorry your not good enough to play in a meaningless game, stay sharp though.

Wonder how he would explain his actions if Glenn had got hurt at the end instead of McDaniel..... Gee Bob, sorry, I won't do that next year ... duh... he was trying to beat a meaningless team record and told me he'd be careful.

sorry I feel better now.... :x

Barrin Simpson just limped off for the Riders. Seems the condition has spread to Millerland too.

Porter doesn't deserve any playing time. The three chances that he did get he stunk it up, fumbling twice, once on the goal line, another off a scramble to the outside where he picked up a good gain but carried the ball like a loaf of bread and coughed it up and today when he failed to get the one yard on the 3rd and 1 gamble. Porter is finished. They need to end that disaster of an experiment. Trafralis deserves the time now, As far as I'm concerned, Porter has done nothing with his chances but turn the ball over.

Is there any aspect of this team that you have a positive opinion on? I'll take Bellefeuille over the last guy we had (remember him?) every day of the week.


As a non-Cats fan, my impression is that Marshall's defense needs some work. You guys know how to make the big play, which is fantastic, but you also give up a lot of yardage and time of possession. That has to take its toll on a D eventually.

It's very disappointing. Not that we lost, (that really didn't matter), but once again it's about the way we lost. I'm having a bad feeling about next week. I didn't think we would lose to BC last year, but we got out coached. I fear we will get out coached once again. We have the on-field talent, but I'm not convinced we have the coaches who can get it done.
I mean we can't even figure out how to get a guy like McDaniels 35 yards. Should have had that wrapped up before the first half was over.

In fairness, McDaniel dropped quite a few passes today. In the third quarter they started forcing him the ball. Also, a bogus holding call in the second quarter whipped out about 10 yards, which would have added to his totals, thus likely getting him over 1,000 yards.