The "Burn The Witches Thread", volume 8

It was Corey Holmes's homecoming game tonight.

Nice to see him get what, 12 plays on the field offensively, mainly as a pass blocking threat.

Enough said. More in the morning.

Oski Wee Wee,

nothing else to say to explain his worthlessness

There was so much that went wrong tonight that I'm not sure where one can start discussing what went wrong. But I suppose the way in which Holmes was underutilized is not a bad start.

It may take a while to go over everything that went wrong, and I suppose that can be detailed in a rather long post. And I am looking forward to the nexr "Inside Enemy Territory" column.

I'm not a football expert, but I know this:

If you're running a law firm, have someone who knows the business run it.

If you're running a dog kennel, have someone who knows the business run it.

If you're running a professional football team...

The Blue Jays hired Gord Ash as their GM because he had put his time in and was a good company guy. He wasn't, however, a baseball guy. During his era, they brought in many big names, talented players, but never had any chemistry or vision.

I see similarities with this version of the TiCats.

And I'm not sure what else I can say. We have seen so much wrong with this team that I don't think it can all be covered here. So to expand on my previous post, maybe I'll add my thoughts but right now, I have to call it a night here. I'll read some of the many posts here later, and I'll get the podcast of the 5th quarter.

Good night.