The Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 8

The defence was not the culprit for this fiasco, although there were enough offsides and line-up issues to make me grey. Ugly, ugly tank job by the passing game today.

Oski Wee Wee,



Defense was not to blame...but we do need a best games by RBs has become commonplace....

Cortez is stubborn.....3 mins left....down 2 tds....and still no Williams on kickoff return.....just plain stupid...

CW is the ONLY returner in the league who returns punts and never returns kicks...the only one in years....stupid...

Ugly, pathetic and embarrassing! :thdn:

16 penalties and counting. :x


FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CORTEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The third and one decision drained whatever momenton the Cats had late in the third quarter. This one is on Cortez....put a fork in them there done like dinner. However, one thing that looked normal was Burris inabilty to throw the ball accurately. If you noticed Pierce had not problem throwing against the wind. And last but not least, nice to see the defence back to their old antics..................brutal coverage.

8) A completely unprepared and undiciplined team on that field tonight !!
   This whole team has returned to their old joke selves.

    Defence is pathetic, along with Burris and the whole offence !!

    Kiss any hope of the playoffs goodbye with this sad outfit.  They don't deserve to make them anyway.

    Not even close to a touchdown !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->    Pathetic.

The Cats certainly made a statement today: "we havent got what it takes to make the playoffs this year."

And they also help a lowly division rival keep their playoff chances alive. "So long, Charlie Brown."

Pathetic team...Deliberately built...The "Bread and Circus" routine is a failure...

The jig is up!...

Losers to the core....

Oh, I’m not so sure. They get their fair share of the blame form me.

Winnipeg’s first touchdown was a result of a 7 play drive that included 4 penalties, at least 2 of which were directly responsible for keeping the drive alive when they should have been punting. The same drive that saw Rey Williams standing, pointing (being offside) not paying attention to the snap as he is looking back at his defense as the ball is snapped on his 1 yard line.

What the hell is that?

This 4-8 team is flat out joke.

I ain’t even mad. I’m tired more than anything, year after year for what seems to be at least a decade the inconsistency from this franchise is mind blowing. Making the WORST team in the league look like world champs for more than one time this season. I love how when the game was already over (2 possession lead) the commentators mention highest scoring team in the league, THAT DONT MEAN SHIT WHEN YOU ARE 4-8 AND SECOND TO LAST IN AN 8 LEAGUE TEAM, ITS A GOD DAMN JOKE AND A GOD DAMN SHAME.

Scott Mitchell is a joke

George Cortez is a joke

the defensive co-ordinator is a joke

The only kudo’s I can give is to the fans who still buy tickets, your have a hell of a lot more willpower then myself.

Almost forgot to mention, EVERY loss this season the opposition has scored 30+. :thup:

Theyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy're Back! Your 2012 Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

It aint going to be a shovel and bucket of dirt in the dressing room this week, but a bucket of you-know-what!

Agreed. Except this loss is not on the D. Bad Hank flew to Winnipeg.

I hear you, but the offense was the main issue for me (i.e. the lack of a passing game). We may be splitting hairs when a guillotine would suffice. LOL

So how does team go from heros to zeros in 6 days ? George Cortex ...........should have taken the shovel and the bucket of dirt along for the locker room. Argos will win the 100 Grey Cup will little or no difficulty.

Agreed…except…again over 30 pts…again no turnovers…again no big 4th quarter stops…again…again…and again…sometimes, the offense needs a lift…

Yup. Gotta agree with you.

No TDs.

Burris couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn tonight.

…but, the defense still gets its fair share of the blame. Let’s go 60% offence, 40% defence. How’'s that?

Winnipeg, seriously now.

Another 30+ game served up by Creehan and crew
No offence this week to rely upon
Poor coaching decisions and play calling (that 3rd and one killed it)
Lack of discipline

EQUALS= blow 'em up 'cause what you have is not going to make the playoffs

How much of last week was the Tiger-Cats being heroes, and how much was the Eskimos being bums?