The "Burn The Witches" Thread, Volume 7

I have nothing to add to this tonight.

I will contribute my next installment of "Inside Enemy Territory" by midweek.

Oski Wee Wee (or Oski-Pee-Wee according to some),

Fire Paopao is the first step to success. How about calling a play or two that goes down field?
No more Maas. Stick a fork in him cuz hes done. Finished.

And I can see why you have nothing to contibute. Tonight, we saw very much of what we have seen in Ticat losses. So I suppose one could simply refer to what was said in volumes 1-6 of these threads. Just pick one, copy an poaste the text from it, and it may not look out of place here.

I guess if he was lined up with a bunch of peewee football players you'd still expect him to perform like an allstar.