The "Burn The Witches" thread, Volume 14

The season is finally over. Let the speculation begin! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The guys played hard tonight. The game could have been mailed in, but there were a lot of guys playing with an understanding that auditions were on.

Richie Williams showed a lot of spark tonight and will definitely be someone to watch next year if he's brought back to camp. Good mobility and showed some chemistry with Fowlkes late in the game.

Contrast that with Kevin Eakin...another disappointment.

Matt Clark also played well -- great pick before he got banged up.

The two-and-outs, the punt block, and some of the defensive lapses were symptomatic of many of the shortcomings of the club on the field. For me, there is a good core of young players, particularly on defence, to build with. The inconsistencies from an organizational standpoint began to be addressed with the Marcel Desjardins hire. It's a mixed bag right at this point.

However, the next couple of months will go a long way as to determining how and when the team rebounds from the ineptitude of recent years. Specifically, the hiring of a quality, CFL experienced head coach to get this program righted is vital. Whether it is Charlie Taaffe, RIch Stubler, , or a revitalized-by-miracle Don Matthews chaperoned by golf cart around the grounds, the next head guy is going to be the linchpin for what kind of revitalization occurs.

If the club doesn't get it right this time, all the fuzzy feel-good stories involving the off-field
turnaround of the team over the last three years will be but a grim fairy tale. I know Russ Grimm can coach, but he's occupied down south. LOL

I'm going to write another installment of my fan column in the next week and then pretty much lie low here until the next head coach is announced. Until that hire is made, all the speculation about next year really, really, really, really amounts to squat in a Derek Zoolander sense. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I thought his first quarter performance was very good. Sharp, crisp and decisive. Good numbers, too.

And so the final volume of this "burn the witches" thread appears. And there have been too many of them and there have been many similiar things said in all fourteen volumes.

Much has been said about how the wrong coaches were hired to coach this team, and the right ones could not be hired. And when it became apparent the some bad hirings were made, the team then appeared to be doomed for a bad year. It's going to be time to do whatever can be done to bring in the right coaches, and contine to rebuild again from the top down. Only this time, it may be done right with Desjardins as the GM.

And as for tonight's game and how what happened in it should be taken into account in this very long off-season that has just begun? Well, the offensive line certainly needs to be improved one way or another. Neither they nor the receivers are making any quarterbacks we have look good. Both Eakin and Williams should how good they might be able to be, but were both at least somewhat inconsistent. Neither quarterback looked that bad, and both could benefit from more experience. And which of the three quarterbacks we have will be back next year? I don't think I can answer that question until we know who is available and at what cost.

Also worth noting is that Fowlkes, while not impressive on special teams, redeemed himself with his old ASU teammate Williams throwing it to him. He led the team in receiving yards with 78 of them, although he apparently gave on one of his routes, leading to a pick. As is the case with rookies, they may be inconsistent, but I'd like to see more from him.

And as for veterans, Mike Morreale showed why this was probably not his last CFL game. And it's a good thing it wasn't as he may not have wanted to go out this way. I'm sure he'll be here next year.

I could go on about who whould stay and who should go based on these last two "meaningless" games, but it's getting late. That's it for another season. Good night folks. Let's hope (much) better times are ahead, and that they are coming soon.

He was tanking it toward the end though.

Passing Name Att Comp Yards TD INT
EAKIN, K 20 10 148 1 2

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I know it was the last game of a lost season, but Eakin was a disappointment for me. Williams has shown me something in the relatively brief time he's been in games.

Anyway, the postmortem of who stays and who goes is really moot until the new head coach is installed and hires his own staff of assistants. That will go a long way to determining what personnel moves are going to be made, particularly on offense.

For me, it will go a long way to determining how viable Jason Maas could be in 2007. Rebounds do happen (Faloney's in 1961 after an injury-shortened, bad year in 1960 being the best Cats example QB-wise)... but this time the fit between Maas and the new offensive system has to be right. No coordinator should be hired other than the new coach's guys. The team has to be on the same page as to how to move forward, then the assessments on who fits the new order can meaningfully proceed.

Oski Wee Wee,

I have a feeling Maciocia is coming aboard in either a head or offensive coach capacity. Maas seems to need him. Then I think a couple impact receivers in the Tucker mold should be brought in. Build a system around Maas comparable to what he had in Edmonton.

Is Lumsden hurt?

I don't know about bringing in Maciocia. He may be avilable after this eason, since if not getting into the playoffs in Edmonton does not get you fired, I don't know what will. But I don't think bringing him in in any capacity would be that good an idea, as that may not be very good for season ticket sales. :slight_smile:

But I do think that the team should consider building the offense around Maas. A Jason Tucker would be great to have, although I'm not sure if we can get one. As I mentioned before a while ago, did Maas not have good teammates in Edmonton? That's what he just might need. I have more or less stayed out of the quarterback debates, and will likely continue to do so. But I will say this: Maybe it won't be too bad an idea to goot into 2007 with the same three quarterbacks we had in 2006. Perhaps the quarterback situation here could be improved. But as I mentioned earlier here, the decision as to who to bring in and who gets replaced depends on two things: Who is available, and at what cost. Then perhaps we can really debate this.

Is Lumsden hurt?
I heard that he got injured during practice, but did not get many details on this. And that's too bad as I wanted to see more of what he could do, and maybe give us something to look forward to. And another thing: I don't recall seeing Kamau Peterson out there. I thought he was returing after missing last week, but that does not matter as much. We know what kind of player he is, and he would not have made a lot of difference in that game. Although the game was winnable. And if it hadn't been for that pick returned for a touchdown, and a few other things, the result might have been different. But again, it turned out being another Ticats loss thanks in part to big plays by Mark Washington. Yes, Washington burned us, like the opposite of something that happened in The War of 1812. :)

"but this time the fit between Maas and the new offensive system has to be right".


I have not slept well all season because of Maas. And after he was finally put out of his misery for the are seriously suggesting the nightmare could return next season????? :cry:
Say its not so!!!!!!!