The Burn The Witches Thread, volume 14

Not a very good game for bright lights, although the d-backs were hitting hard and there were flashes from Hill in particular on special teams.

The offensive line could not handle the Lions’ d-line, making the running game ineffective. Maas missed some throws in the first half, especially the wide-open Vaughn play. Even though the wet conditions contributed to the passing game not working, at least some of those plays had to be made.

As for the defence, I thought we did some good things when we applied consistent pressure on the Lions QBs. What Kavis Reed was thinking in taking his foot off the gas in the third quarter (running a three-man front and dropping nine) against BC third-string QB Jarious Jackson is a mystery to me…correction, it’s Kavis Reed, so it isn’t…

More grist for the rumour mill I guess. The game was an indication of how far the team has to go to compete against arguably the best team in the league (no insult intended to the Stamps). Apart from the clear inconsistencies in performance, this game underlines the biggest need going forward in 2007: getting a new coaching regime with a clue and systems that players will buy into.

To paraphrase Matt Dunigan’s third-quarter comments in the TSN booth, the Cats need some parts and some experienced coaches (not the “interns” as he put it). Two more games with the rooks with the books. My hope is that a Rich Stubler or Charlie Taaffe will sort out the mess and get some stability on the field. The yo-yo roller coaster of 6-12ish finishes must stop.

Oski Wee Wee,

Well, I did not see this game and right now I am certainly glad that I did not. I've been getting information on everything that happened from checking out post-game statistics, reports, and posts on this forum. And based on what I'm reading, I suppose that I could make a few points.

First, about the Ticats offensive line vs. the Lions defensive line. It does not come as too much of a surprise that the o-line could not do well against B.C.'s front four. Considering one of the Lions' front four is Brent Johnson, I figured that Maas would be under some pressure. And Maas can't seem to perform well at all when he has little time. So as has often been the case, the Ticats have demonstrated how hard it is to win when you get beat in the trenches. And that, IMHO, is why improvement of the offensive line is something that must be considered in the off-season.

But this team has also demonstrated how hard it is to win without good coaching. Fortunately, we'll have a new head coach and offensive coordinator in 2007. And it has been said many times that Reed and Erdman likely won't be back next year. Posts critical of Reed have decreased in these past few weeks, but that could change. An entirely new coaching staff for 2007 does not sound like a bad idea.