The Burn The Witches Thread, Vol. 6

Ugh. Too much inconsistency on the offense in particular. Walker was a non-factor in the second half. Bizarre!

Defence buckled at crunch time. Too many "almost sacks" come back to plague us.

Oski Wee Wee,


I don't even know what else to say about this team. I'm exhausted. Mark my words... we will NOT make the playoffs this season. Then next season we'll be terrible due to not having a home and we'll lose a ton of players and won't sign anyone of significance. Then, when the new stadium opens, we'll be even worse than before and we'll get maybe 3 wins all year.

Rutland played much of the 2nd half in the backfield for Walker probably for his blocking ability. Giguerre was invisible for the entire game again

Not letting the offense off the hook by any means, but you posted 30 points (including the Williams ST TD). Yet again, though, the defense couldn't get a crucial stop in the fourth quarter. Toronto sliced through those defensive coverages and Ray was barely touched.

The offense shouldn't have to be perfect every week in order for the Cats to win games.

Thank God the ALS are playing very well because the last thing I what to see is the ARGOS in the Grey Cup. :thdn: :thdn:


little opposing QB pressure during crucial drives
Burris protection deficiencies
defensive/offensive breakdown 3rd/4th quarter
off target passes
lack of focus
and too few passes to Williams

simply put, this is why we lost the game. (and a few others this season)

if it is any consolation, we did not get blown out 52-0 :expressionless:

and Campbell may be a keeper.

Andy Fantuz: 2 catches for 22 yards. 14th in receiving yardage league-wise, on pace for under 1000 yards this season.

I see a very ordinary receiver out there, not a difference-maker.

The play that killed us was the 2nd and long in the 4th quarter for the Argos when we blitz and Kackert gets the screen for the first down. Outcoached again. Creehan has made way too many costly calls in the second half. We can’t win with 30 points?

The Offence was no where near perfect!!!!!!!! The defence played better than before. I blame Burris for the lose.
You have to take advantage of Argos errors. and score in the red zone when you are there. Burris's passes were
terrible in the second half except for one drive. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I do have to agree with all of that. Too many of Burris passes were off and too many of those that weren't were dropped. This team's offence, which was supposed to be its strength, cannot get it done consistently, only showing how good it can be sometimes.

Defence actually didn't look that bad throughout much of the game. Until the 4th quarter, they gave up just that opening drive TD. Were they on the field too long?

I wasn't impressed with the officiating. The bad calls and bad non-calls were documented in the game thread. But this team should have found a way to win despite that.

The usual targets for criticism, the coach and the QB, may get criticized. But if this team can't win next Saturday, and can't turn itself around, I expect Obie to be a target for criticism soon.

I think that's all I'm going to say here for now.

Burris never looked comfortable against or with the wind. It seemed like he was overcompensating each way. And that fumbled snap ... boy, combine that with the pick-six and it's not a game for Hank's scrapbook.

I ve been a ticat fan for more than fifty years and today was truly hard to take.

Its easy to blame the players--- but you are what you are.. and that is the sum total of what "creation" made you to be as a collectivity.. a team

in this case.. its what Head Office and the GM have moulded

right now we are the second worst team in the CFL and we may not even make the playoffs

next year we have no home... and a new stadium without ANY loyalty

Fans.. Please raise your sights from the players in the field and challenge the Headoffice, the GM and their qualifications.

If we have spent all our money on brand name stars who make stupid mistakes like the Cornflakes Kid did today- offside is offside, a dropped ball on a sure catch and a misplaced extra point---a defensive coach who is obviously out of his depth and on a learning curve which would have him coaching poorly on a last place Pop Warner team -- and head coach who cant figure out how to reach for the challenge flag instead of nibbling on his magic marker--- and then has the audacity to slef righteously criticize fans who point out that he hasn't professionally prepared for games .

Oh and before someone sez 'its only a game."... Get with the programme... This is Hamilton These are supposedly our Ticats

SHAME :cowboy:
thats where our money has gone... sorry Caretaker... but the jungle drums are out and Jungle Jim Trimble and Ralph Sazio and the Little General must be rolling over in their graves

DONT blame the players.... its higher up the Open hearth smokestack... oh I forgot we dont have them in Hamilton any more either

A total disappointment ... Burris couldn't hit the broadside of a barn today ... defense couldn't make a stop when it counted ... dark clouds are beginning to settle over this team ... the margin for error has been reduced even further ... playoffs are still possible - but are they likely ?

Sad but true…How much worse can this get Caretaker???

I blame George Cortez...

Actually I blame the entire front office. We had a decent team the last three seasons, but no, it wasn't good enough. So they messed with it, and now look at what we got.... :thdn:

I ain't even mad, this team would be nothing without Chris Williams, make's me wonder how much better Montreal or BC would be with a punt returner with his capability. I'm betting on an away playoff appearance (as long as Winnipeg continues to falter) against Toronto that will go no where. There should be a new rule, a team must be .500 or above to make playoffs, teams constantly making the post season with losing records season after season is laughable. Last but not least, if this season doesn't turn around (and I fear it won't) its going to be a rough 2012/2013 season with NO home games and a sub par team, makes me wonder if this franchise is seeing it's end.

Lets get a few facts straight first. I have been a Tiger-cat fan for over 50 years, and still am. That's why I take it so hard.
I have seen a lot more than most of you in those years. First off, going in, I was hoping someone would use Fantuz and Stalla since they are proven, and not been used all year. That sort of happened. Also, I 100% agree our defence is lacking. They did not/have not, solved the defensive rush issues. I believe you must have that before you can even evaluate the defensive backs. They have however played better last time and today. Bending but not breaking. Must get a rush though. Also hate on offence how many times on second down, we complete for less than enough yards. Quarterback, or Co-ordinator. Checking the website, nobody holds that title.

Ok, lets start. Numbers will be the posessions.

  1. Fantuz drops ball, was thrown behind him. 2 & out

  2. Moving well, overthrows wide open Fantuz, interception.

  3. Burris bad real short pass. 2& out.
    Walker looking good, but slipping for some reason.
    End of first quarter. Argos 119 yds. Ham 54. half of which was running. Thanks to Williams, were still in game.

  4. Completion to Fantuz, called back he was offside. Second and 8, throws for 5. We continually do this. Who's making the play calls.

  5. Burris runs for 8 on a broken play. Burris overthrows Kelly who's wide open for a TD. oops. Burris way over Williams head on a flat pass. Williams could not reach it with a ladder. Burris runs OB. Field Goal. 10 - 9 Tor.
    6.After fumble by Owens, Burris sacked (not his fault). Another bad Burris pass, almost intercepted for 6. 2 & out.

  6. Good run Walker. Good pass Fantuz. Short pass Fantuz, again short of first down. Good pass Jones. Great pass and catch Jones for TD. Finally in lead, despite lots of opportunities.
    Halftime summary. Ray 13 of 18 156 yds. Burris 7 of 13 82 yds. 4 completions on TD drive at end, so he was 3 of 9 til then. 16/10 Ham.

  7. Great quick hitter to Williams. Run by Walker. Interference called against Fantuz. Way overthrown in endzone to Jones. Forced to take field goal.

  8. On second and 15, Burris throws low for 10. Again 2 & out.

  9. Long incompletion to Jones. Bad choice not open, lucky not intercept. Good throw Kelly. He drops it. 2 & out. Are you seeing a pattern here.

  10. Burris runs for 6. Burris bad pass. After Williams big return, forced to FG and another 2 & out.

  11. Ok, last quarter, still waiting for Burris to lead us. Walker six yard run. Low snap, Burris cannot handle, not entirely his fault, but he should have been able to grab it. It appears he was looking upfield. Loss, 2 & out.

  12. Summary. 8:50 left in game, were up 2. Burris is 9 of 21, 1 TD, 2 Int. I could feel this comming. Run for basically 0. Burris, terrible pass, intercepted for quick 6.

  13. Great pass protection for Burris, and he almost throws another interception. Burris sacked. 2 & out.

  14. Just over 4 min remaining. Great catch and throw to Stalla. Miss in endzone to Williams, probably should have been interference. TD pass to Ruttly, nice grab. 2 Point conversion to Stalla. Great catch. Why does Burris wait until the last minute to do anything.

  15. Last chance, 26 seconds I think. Defence once again, could not get a stop, even though they created opportunities. Burris however went 0 for 3, all not even close to completing. Burris finished by my count, 12 for 29. The last time we played the Argos, and were lucky to get the 2 points, cause they really kicked our butts, he was 12 for 27.
    Ok, lets hear the excuses. Remember, be gentle, because I am also a fan even though a sicandtired one. Even the 3 games we have won, we probably would not have without Williams heroics. Not only tired of them, also of typing.

I share your disappointment.
Coach Cortez needs an OC…he called some good plays but he needs to be on his HC perch only to deal with the overall game strategy and kick his DC in the rear end to do something aggressive to stop these 4th quarter losses.
After he gets an up and coming OC (or preferably before) he absolutely needs to get rid of Creehan and get a DC who can shape this defence into attack mode and make the proper adjustments in the second half. It looked to me like the blue team saved all their good stuff for the fourth quarter, knowing our defence is always vulnerable because Creehan refuses to change his approach to new situations.
Do I think the necessary changes will be made? No I don’t. This team is run with old school ideas. We will carry on as before and do too little too late. At this point, I see another wasted season. The other teams ( except Winnipeg for the moment) are improving at a faster rate than we are.

I wasn't good enough. We never had a winning team and only won one playoff game. The problem is the front office didn't acquire the right pieces for the puzzle. Defensive problems and Lines were never corrected in the off-season and training camp.