The Burn The Witches Thread, Vol. 5

The players in all phases did not execute well. Dropped passes, poor tackling, and poor blocking.

For me, the biggest disappointment was the fact that there was a retreat from the defensive game plan of last week -- we did not see any mix in pressures like Labour Day's effort -- just four or five-man rushes against a two TE set and zones that couldn't cover the edges. This team was outplayed AND outcoached.

Oski Wee Wee,


With a terrible secondary, you HAVE to get pressure.

There is still too much talent in this offense to put up numbers like this..

I wouldnt have minded a loss today.. at all.. but not like this.

1 step forward.. 1 step back. The MB motto.


For those who think I only post -ve remarks - I was at the Labour Day game last week.

Cats played great, & deserved the win.
As good as they played last week, that is how poorly they played today.

I say it as I see it. When they play great, they r untouchable. When they play poorly .....
So, being a back-seat QB that I am, who takes the blame?

We knew going in it was going to be tough. But I saw no new wrinkles to fool the Als, & with a week of video-watching, they had the 'Cats all figured out. The blame goes to the coaches, though I am not sure which one(s).
Once again this team has convinced me they are, & always be, a .500 Team.
Win 1, lose 1.
Unless we get rid of MB, don't expect a Grey Cup too soon.

The EAGLE has landed....

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

The interview on the 'ML pregame show with Obie had him admitting that the scouts have been emphasizing DB cuts from NFL teams.... and have several in their sights right now.

A mediocre head coach with a B level QB won't produce consistent wins. We'll have to get lucky to play in late November and a small miracle to win the last game.

We have to fined a QB, toot sweet. :roll:


You actually hit submit on this post?????

We need receivers that do not drop the ball multiple times a game, especially when the QB is not playing well. Today was a classic case of a sputtering offense nosediving because of butterfingers. Bakari Grant was the chief culprit today.

Without Marwan Hage, the line calls from centre re pass protections was also subpar.

As a result, Glenn looked far worse than his average play today. Just saying.

Oski Wee Wee,


Wonder if we can talk The Bish out of retirement. :wink:

Disappointing game. But the Cats got over 40 points on the Als last week, the Als reciprocated this week. Call it a draw. And the Cats still have 2 wins on the Als. Lots of football left.

Only saw part of the game, couldn’t stomach some of what I saw in the first half to watch the second.

Just seems like this team does not have what it takes to go on a run of consecutive wins.

Strange thing is, I really don’t see any other team in the league that can either. All of the top runners have had some weak performances at times. Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton, and Winnipeg have all been beaten badly at times. Winnipeg maybe being the only exception, but I expect them to drop off a bit in the second half. We’ll see.

This team needs to fill a few holes, and then get on a role. Just looked like they never got in a rythm today, and once they got behind, the offensive game plan went out the window.

Montreal appears to be back to their former selves today. Hats off to them for bouncing back from a poor performance the previous week. They were the better team today. Until Hamilton comes prepared to play every week, going deep in the playoffs will be difficult.


They just interviewed Ray Williams on CHML. He admitted that the defence didn’t change much from last week. He also said that the team had high spirits going into this one.

He said Montreal got help from the PI calls. He admitted that they are consistent enough from game to game. He said the boys will be ready for Friday…

For what it’s worth…

Are they looking in the right place?
Joe Popp believes Arena League DB’s are the best bets for the CFL because of their experience with the pre-snap motion of the receivers.

As was raised on the fifth quarter, Als have to play Winnipeg 3 times yet and the Cats get the BB's at home still. Let's not give up the ship yet!!!!

Time for Porter , he has matured and can bring a new option at QB to our game that being mobility which can help us along with the injuries to the o line Time to sit Mr Hot and Cold .......... very disappointed also with our coaching staff as we came out with ZERO no emotion at all .......flat alllllll game?

.500 the norm in the Hammer Mr Young? :cowboy:

Disagree. Porter has matured in how he runs with the ball. That's it. As a passer, he locks into one reciever and gets happy feet if the first read is covered. He is not the long term answer, IMHO.

Were you playing the Matt Dunigan drinking game?

Do you honestly blame Bob?

Agreed. I think you chalk this game up as an anomaly and move on. Both teams have taken turns pounding the crap out of each other at home, and the Cats are still ahead in the season series 2-1. No reason to push any buttons labeled 'panic'. :wink:

Thank you, Discipline, for your kindness. There are a lot of bruised feelings and emotions running right now in the Hammer. And I hope we can include the Tiger cat team in that.