The Burn The Witches Thread, Vol. 4

The Cortez non-challenge is a decisive moment in the game, IMHO. Really bad spotting as well! The defence cannot rise to the occasion again!

As for the offense, way too many points left on the field.

Oski Wee Wee,


  1. Defense
  2. Coaching
  3. Offense didn't produce much

our offense didn't produce but still put up 22 points. Still good when the offense isn't firing on all cylinders.

It's all about our defense. A couple more stops or a FG instead of a TD and it's a different outcome.

Take 7 points of that away due to Williams punt return and you now have 15 points. NOT GOOD.

Our team played their guts out and lost on the last play of the game.
They played way better on defense this week than last week and all season.
We had the lead for most of the game except the end, which sucks.
I can accept losing a close game in Montreal.
Now we have 2 must wins against a much improved Arblows

I already took Williams' 7 points from his punt return (29-7)

I don't like to come here and vent but i'm fed up with this, season tickets year in year out through this and no matter what players, coaches, promises we get its the same result year in and year out and i'm growing sick of it. I'm pissed about Cortez but clearly he was giving AC his bday gift...what im concerned about is this defence...First was BC, then Cal, then Wpg, and now Montreal. All 4 of those games we have either had a chance in the 4th quarter or even worse a chance to win with a minute or two left and our defence can not make a stop. this defence has NO intensity and NO killer instinct, Tisdale looks terrible he was better a cpl years ago not sure what happened to him. Our D-line sucks. Think obie needs to go, he has had 7 years to build a D and he still cant even build a respectable one...This team is a joke right now so much talent and yet we're faltering again. They need to learn to play in the clutch and get a stop to win the game, not sure who ahs to go...creehan...cortez or what but someone needs to go. Won't sound pretty with a sold out IWS on labour day booing if we lose.

It could be argued that the defence did enough to win despite the statistical gouging by AC and co. Nonetheless, the defence buckled on that last drive. Frustrating as hell to watch!

Needless to say, I am not sold on Creehan as DC. He goes from a mix of delayed blitz and zone blitz packages that worked well against AC in the first half to a far more passive approach in the second half. It boggles my mind given the fact our secondary personnel is not adept at making plays on the ball consistently and has key breakdowns at times. Calvillo had to get hit and put to the carpet more -- it did not happen!

I already took Williams' 7 points from his punt return (29-7)
LOL - Forgive me I'm slow!

D-line has a hard time pressuring any QB, DBs struggle to cover.

Today, the offence couldn't finish drives. The fact that we had to settle for so many field goals proved it.

Maybe you get to keep the flags if you don't throw them....maybe George is knitting a quilt with them or something....???

But the DBs seem to struggle when the QB has time to sit back in the pocket. Pressure = earlier throws = close and better coverage.

I can't accept losing 2 games they could have, and should have, won.

Too many mistakes.

I can accept losing when you play well, but I can't accept lossing due to incompetence.

If they miss the playoffs in 2012 (which seems more likely after this game) , then go on the road next year? Kiss of death,I 'm afraid.

Losing Sucks. The game was ours, all that was needed was for the defense to step up and take over. Sadly we play with a prevent defense most of the time. Time to get aggressive and time to get physical. When we hit someone we need to drive them back, not be driven back ourselves. This happens too often game in game out.

I think our defense is worse than prevent defense. I think it's let them score as fast as possible so that we can let our offense try to bail us out defense.

No pressure gives the QBs all day to pick up apart plus we can't stop the run. A 40 year old guy who takes off never ran 20 yards on us in crunch time. Pathetic!

I'd rather lose close games than get blown out. I actually think losing close games is a positive sign for a team still coming together under a first-year HC. If you get blown out consistently, it means you're just not as good, talent-wise, as the other team, and that's worrisome. If you're losing close games, the talent and coaching is there; you just need to focus, stay disciplined, and (in the case of the coaches) slowly accumulate the experience that will eliminate mistakes like not challenging the Green 'catch.'

My only problem with this is that this is a lesson Cortez already should have learned. Back in Week 1, the same thing happened with Weston Dressler when he "caught" a pass that replays showed hit the ground. Cortez didn't challenge and it led to a Saskatchewan touchdown. I understand that rookie coaches are going to make mistakes and there are going to be growing pains, but making the same mistake twice, to me, is inexcusable. After the Dressler catch, the team should have put someone somewhere with an eye on a video feed to ring down to Cortez to challenge. Cortez said in his post game scrum that he didn't even contemplate challenging because from where he was it looked like a catch. That can't happen. His vantage point might be the worst in the stadium, so calls like that cannot be left up to his naked eye. What it is that people say, "it is OK to make mistakes as long as you learn from them," right? Well, it doesn't look like Cortez learned from his mistake. It's now happened twice; I don't want to read what people will write if it happens a third time.

Fair enough, Blogskee, but for what it's worth, Trestman made the same mistake of poor time management in the three-minute warning over and over again in 2008. It wasn't just once and then he learned. It took him quite a while to get a feel for how to close out games in the fourth quarter. Learning curves aren't always unbroken lines going up. :wink:

Lets be honest here.
There is not a poster on here except maybe Caretaker that before the opening Kickoff that gave us a chance in hell of winning this game.
I would say most thought it was gonna be a total blowout with Calvillo destroying our pourous defense.
It was not that way at all.
The defense held there own for the most part against arguably the best QB in the history of the league on the road.
Sure, some mistakes were made, some calls were blown.
We gave the game in Winnipeg away which was infuriating.
In Montreal we fought for the whole 60 minutes against another great team and came up just short.
But we were in it until the last play of the game.
If Whyte misses that 37 yard field goal and Williams runs it out, we would all be so proud of how our team played and gutted it out for the full 60 minutes.
It is disheartening to lose like that, but we have a great team and the defense showed improvement.