The "Burn The Witches" Thread, Vol. 12

We lost to their B-team.

I would footnote that with this reflection: it was a great game, but a terrible loss. The four turnovers were killers and the defence was in turnstile mode most of the night. How we could go series after series against the Toronto third and fourth-string QBs and only send four-man pressure is absolutely beyond me. The defence was not prepared to play. It was the last of a series of frustrating games that I won't soon forget.

Oski Wee Wee,


I have been a defender of Coach Creehan and have enjoyed the resurgence of the D the previous few games, but I just can not figure what happened to the D this last game. Chris Rwabukamba had a terrible game. The D line started out strong (Peach had some great bull rush plays from the tackle spot) but then tanked. Tackling all around was terrible. Once again when getting a 2 and out really, really mattered they just could not do it. There has to be a fear in the players that when faced with adversity they just tense up and over think. That's the only thing I can figure as all season it seemed when they had the chance to change the game, when individual players had the chance to be a hero, when unity would have saved the day, they just could not make the play.

To believe that this defense actually had a good game this year would be totally incorrect. Tackling has been poor for years, DB's have loose coverages and often miss potential interceptions due to dropping the ball, and generally speaking the run defense sucks. Total revamp needed on D include the coaching staff. Give me some players that put there heart and soul into the game, not those guys that jump up and down for attention after making a tackle 10 - 15 yards downfield.

Stats indicating someone leads the team or the league in tackles just shows how bad they are. A good defense should have a lot less plays in the game therefore statistcally less tackles.