The Burn The Witches Thread (for real) ;)

Tinder dry, fire applied.

That last throw sums it up. Sorry.



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Gibson, DeAngelis and in that order.

Frankly,the biggest weakness with this team is its' secondary....

If we could have actually covered people this year,some of the goofy play calling would not have mattered that much...

Good start there, Russ.

Now that this long off-season has begun a little earlier than we wanted it to, the talk about who to fire and cut begins now.

When the team's weaknesses are exposed in a loss that ends the team's season, you know they'll be talked about. Gibson will take criticism. But what about Sandro? Hitting the upright on a gimme? Unacceptable. Was he relieved after seeing that pick at the end, knowing that he wouldn't have a chance to miss the game tying FG attempt? Seriously though, Sandro seems to have forgotten how to kick FGs, finding a replacement for him may be considered a priority in the off-season.

It should be noted that we got very few rushing yards this game. Cobb had 8 rushing yards on 6 carries. Something has to be done about that. Could it be that Harris or Cuttino could be given a chance to be the starting RB next year?

The lack of consistency from Cobb and DeAngelis hurts. Those are a couple of glaring weaknesses that this team has.

We'll see what Obie does this off-season. No improvement on a 9-9 season and early playoff exit in 2011 would be considered a disappointment.

Good one. I needed that. :slight_smile:

I'm not a Mike Gibson fan either, but I'd like to point out that today's loss had more to do
with player mistakes than coaching.

The Ticats beat themselves today! Five turnovers, (2 for 10 points) dropped passes galore,
Cobb's failure to run the ball, (I think he ended up in the minus column for yards gained)
Thigpen,s dropped punt, A missed 17 yard field goal by DeAngelis, and the parade of mistakes
was never ending.

While I would concede that there were a couple of small coaching errors today, this team beat themselves!

2 idiotic calls by Gibson....the first was the reverse - pass to Bruce, at a time when we were moving the ball and had field position and the wind...totally misplaced call..

The second....well....the second call is so obvious, he should have been fired before the Argo was just had NOTHING to gain by throwing it there.....and everything to lose.....

Playoff games are all about being in a position to win at the end...we were, and the idiot coach gave it away.....

The last coaching mistake wasn't small. We can agree on that, no?

I get the mistakes and turnovers. I do not get fundamental errors in game management that cost the opportunity to salvage a PLAYOFF game. No mulligan for Mike Gibson IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,


They turned it over five times, and when you turn it over four more times than the team the serves many Lemon turnovers, you're not likely to win. Thigpen's two fumbles were very costly, the second one in particular, in which the blue team got a TD shortly after that. If you want to blame certain players for this loss, his name may come up. But this thread is going to be about who must go, I'd imagine. So his name may not come up many more times here.

So the team is once again 9-9 with and EDSF loss. No better and no worse than last year. We just broke even. It's like we're the epitome of a middle-of-the-road team.

We want a winning team, especially after everything we've been through.

a SMALL coaching error?
Giving the game away in one play isn't's grounds for dismissal...

Greg Marshall doesn't escape blame here either. Toronto ran Boyd right down your defense's throat even when everyone at Ivor Wynne knew it was coming (in the final three minutes). Marshall's D HAS to get a stop earlier and give Glenn & co. the ball back with more time left on the clock, particularly since you guys were operating without a timeout.

But I do second the call to dismiss Gibson. You guys have a tremendous team in terms of overall talent at each position, but you are consistently let down by your coaching.

Sandro blew it...his post shot was the difference between a loss and overtime.

And you know they woulda went for a late fg for the tie, had they had faith in him.
Instead, they tried to get closer for him, and Parker made the over

Speaking of coaching descisions.... Taking the ball at the end of the 3rd quarter (couple of seconds left) instead of getting the Arblows to kick off. If they kicked off we start the drive with the wind don't we? Any takers???

LOL, like DeAngelis would make it....18 yarders are trouble for him

Say what you like, but while I agree that Mike Gibson has to go, he wasn't the only thorn in our side
on the field today.
Even the razzle dazzle play to Bruce late in the game where it was his job to locate a receiver and make
the play work may not have appeared all that bad if the play was successful. The Ar-os have had success
with similar plays all season.

The blue team has simply evolved into a better team than the Ticats. Time to open the revolving
door and dump some of these football misfits!

And I agree,.......particularly Mike Gibson!

The coaches pick the roster.....if your kicker can't make kicks....then ....get a new kicker???

I have to agree. Every time we got first and goal inside the 10 it was run on first down, throw on second, go for the field goal. Our red zone offense sucked. I know Argos are good defensively but we just never went with our go to guys.

With 10 seconds left, and a chance to go for the field goal what was there to gain by throwing , especially a pass where at best your gaining 5 yards but throwing across field 25. That was just dumb. Sadly Glenn's throw was high and that was all she wrote.

This team has been so inconsistent all year. Thigpen has shades of brilliance yet often he mishandles the ball, watches it goe over his head, or just lets it bounce around. I am sure there is room for improvement there.

I have to give the Cats D credit although it was the dumb penalty that kept the Argo drive alive to get their first field goal. To be honest i have just about had it with the Cats, and for that matter the CFL, the league is about lots of passes and very loose coverages and inconsistent officiating. Was Glenn hit late, was there intent to throw him hard to the ground after the ball was gone. Some games those are penalties. Today, nope.

Without consistency in the play of the Cats, they will never be much better than a 500 team and most likely will continue to disappoint in the playoffs. It showed against BC and it showed today against the Argos.

So Bruce makes the catch and it becomes a...43-yard attempt? I get the skepticism, but not extending the game by at least attempting a field goal is asinine.

Basic football.
And again...the coaches choose the roster....if your kicker can't kick from 45 yds, then, heck,,,,,get another kicker, maybe?