The "Burn The Witches" Thread, 2009 edition, vol....2? LOL

Ahem. it has to be cued up. :wink:

  1. Offensive play calling
  • Inconsistent
  • Can't set up the run or use backs out of the backfield
  • Odd calls at strange times (a.k.a. go for the moon when you need 15)
  1. Receiving corps
  • Still has the dropsies
  1. Defensive backfield
    -bacon being saved by LB's and some line pressure

You're so kind. :smiley:

I for one can't wait to see if this Laroche Jackson kid is any good. Can't be much worse then what's playing out their now. If we lose the Labour Day classic, i'll just absolutely break down and cry. Sad excuse for a 4th quarter.

As always. :wink:

Our DB cannot stop the deep ball, they are too slow. And what is with the HUGE cushions we give the receivers; any team would love to be given an 8 yard bumper each down.

Man what a frustrating game!

8) Well, our DB's sure can't keep up with Fred Stamps !!! That's for sure !!!

There were many issues re the loss tonight, so I will take my customary couple of days and go over the game again to ensure my knee jerks are not purely reactive after this. LOL

… wasting three hours of my life watching them lose, or knowing they stink and not even bothering. It was pretty good football, but I still feel the same at the end. Go Cats.

Unlike most of the "I know better than the professionals" around here!

The Cats let this one get by them.
This one was more of the Cats....letting Edmonton stay in this one...then the Cats finishing them off.
Sloppy.....dropped passes, etc, etc.
The only bright spot's was Glenn's first start in 2009.
And the defencive front line, did a great job.
Entertaining game....yes, but very disapointing, to let this one get away.


Edmonton had a bye week as well.

James drops the ball in the end zone…lost 7 points settled for a field goal (3 points)
Cobb fumbles on the 15 lost at least… 3 points
Pre kicks the longest punt of his life (80 yards)… 1 point
No yards in the end zone… 1 point
total… 8 points
we lost 30 -31
Could have been Hamilton 38 Ed 30

Glenn played well. Recievers dropped too many passes. Calling a timeout to ice a kicker with a minute to go using our only timeout was about the stupidest coaching call ive seen in a while. You ice on the final play of the game but NOT when theres a minute to go and you will need it if the kick is good. I hope it wasnt marcel that called it cus if he did it was pretty sad.
Its a good team and I am enjoying the season and some wins. Bruce is doing well and with glenn playing well hopefully porter can heal up properly and not rushed back. Bauman has had his chance here and its time for him to move on I think.

we did end up getting 2 points on this one, because edmonton ended up giving up the safety.

Beets is wise, Very wise.

Come on Ti-Cats lets learn to play with some consistency and stop leaving points on the field, a perfect example was Dristan James and the dropped catch in the End Zone, the missed catches throughout the game, I have seen enough of this guy already if he has played only one game, please, please bring back Chris Davis, unless he is injured.

Another guy with hands of stone was Chris Bauman he has played like crap against the Eskies and so far this season, if Glenn or Porter can get the ball in your hands as a reciever it's your job to catch it , which has been a huge job for Bauman so far this season and it's the clutch catching that ticks me off, the second or third down catches. These guys need a few lessons from Dave Stala and Arlan Bruce, I mean even Rodriguez made a few lose catches and a fumble they got back, but at least he is consistent in the number of catches he makes.

I agree with other fans, what was Mark Beswick thinking of??? Always, Always play the whistle, that turned into a huge play for the Eskimos.

I put these dumb plays down to rookie mistakes and in-experience but lets nip it and rip it while we can, it was a great game, close, lots of action however we could have walked away with two points but decided to leave it on the field and give it to the Eskies the points instead.

Lets see a great performance by our Cats on Labor Day, maybe a nice route by our Cats that would be great, something I haven't seen in, well I don't know how long, years, years???

Please Marcel, Bring back Davis, sit James for a few games he needs it or use his so called speed and put the guy on the return team on kick offs/punts. We need a speed burner on kick returns, McDaniel is not cutting it either. Replace Chris Bauman, let him sit for a few games, because so far he has not played up to par and get someone else in with good hands.

Also Refs, I know, that I have complained about this before but this is very tough to watch, the number of missed holding calls by the Eskimos Offensive line, slightly better than the Regina game however still lots of missed holds by the Eskimos lineman on our rushing Ti-Cats, I wouldn't be surprised if this has been one of the factors, not the only one but certainly one of the factors in the number of missed opportunities for QB sacks by our defense, get it together refs for the Labor Day classic against the Argo's in Hamilton and lets whip the Argos good, Go Cats Go, Play Hard and Win, Win, Win in Ivor Win!!!

Any punt that bounces should be picked up immediately and never allowed to roll around and let the return team pick it up. Its five friggin yards, who cares? once it bounces jump on it and take the penalty rather than let the other team pick it up and potentially burn us. If we could hold them to a five yard return every time we would be very happy so once it bounces just recover it and take the penalty cus the other option are mostly bad. I hate watching special teams give guys room to pick it up and burn us so why let them? grab it, take the five and carry on.

Edmonton missed an easy three on a bad snap as well.

The point "differentials" can be over-analyzed til tomorrow.

Beets is bang on with the time-out call.

I also disagree with the home run toss to end the game. Get the first down and let the best kicker in the game win one for you.

Bauman is not going anywhere despite the fact he's a barely adequate player. His dropped pass killed an important drive really late in the game but he's a passport player so he stays. If he was an import he'd be gone. James' dropped TD pass was the difference and he dropped at least one other very catchable pass. I hope Obie is watchingthe late NFL cuts that will be coming up.

That last deep pass to Bruce when they needed just 15 yards was dumb too.

And Ricky Ray is the 2nd best QB in the CFL next to Calvillo. He has ice in his veins.

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