The Burlington Ticats....Goodbye CFL in the hammer

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so i missed the part were Scott Mitchell said the team would still be called the Hamilton really...its better than out east or Quebec, but really...the teams not technically in hamilton.....thanks city council...hamilton a city of a populace reaching close to a million ppl...and we cant get a 25,000 seat stadium right?....

well, from a personal standpoint, I actually love this location. That being said, I have mixed emotions. If it works for the team, fantastic but it obviously does nothing for the city. Heat is definitely on City Council. I gotta think the Hamilton Mayor is fully aware of this and hence the Jan 1st rally.


yeah come to think of it your right. I thought about it and its not bad. Not a far drive at all, and we would still be called the Hamilton Ticats. What irks me is the fact that we have such a history with this team in the city, and we cant get this stadium thing right....Of course id rather the team in the hammer...but if the team is a few clicks away...then i wont complain...i will..but i

Time to start checking out where to eat pre and post game in Burlington, Waterdown, Aldershot.

Fred, you got what you wanted perhaps my man! Oh, you aren't mayor any more. Hmmm, got it. :wink:

Well, Earl, you got what you wanted, a stadium, outside of Hamilton. Have to admit that if true, this is outstanding news for Hamilton residents, as we can still watch our beloved Hamilton Tiger Cats, enjoy the driveway to driveway experience, and still be home in time for dinner, without having to worry about upfront millions to build the stadium and perpetual upkeep that Burlington residents will be happy to foot the bill for. No tax increases to cover the shortfalls? Yes Virginia there really is a Santa Claus.

I think it's a great idea and great location. Couldn't be a better spot for a stadium where the QEW/403/407 all meet and the GO station.
And it's within walking distance of the Hamilton border

Yes why couldn't they still be called the Hamilton Tiger Cats?

Buffalo Bills are not in Buffalo - 15 miles south in Orchard Park
New York Jets and New York Giants are in New Jersey
Miami Dolphins are in the Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale area

Hopefully this serves as a lesson to all of the yahoos in Hamilton who thought that they could bend the rules of economics at will and force "greedy" Bob Young and his team to conform to their pie-in-the-sky whims. Now all of the money that was to be wasted on West Harbour, the LRT and a number of other related projects will magically gravitate to the city north of the Hammer that could be called "Hamilton, but done right". The LRT project will surely become an Aldershot GO expansion, and maybe even lead to a connection route between downtown Burlington and the new stadium.

With that off my chest, I am happy for the Cats fans in the city, provided this goes through. The government in Hamilton, and their downtown enablers, will get the utter snub and embarrassing rejection they deserves but the "Hamilton Tiger-Cats" will live on, be within reach of the true fans in the city who support the team and continue to grow into a financially viable team. The Grey Cup will soon visit Burlington and the only action that the downtown will see of it is a few trains headed to Aldershot. Reflecting on this, I can't help but feel that there is a just, but loving God in the universe... :smiley:

My sentiments exactly, chewbaca,

and being located at a prime transportation hub

along the QEW with VIA Rail, the GO train

the Tiger Cats could likely do better financially
there than they could at Confederation Park

because of the many ways to access the site
and the development opportunities nearby.

I gotta think the Hamilton Mayor is fully aware of this and hence the Jan 1st rally.

There is a longheld tradition in this city for the mayor
to have a New Year's levee on the first day of the year

this time if enough Ticat fans show up it will be a rally.

The title of this thread is a little too dramatic.

The Aldershot location is on the border of Hamilton. Yes, it isn't in Hamilton proper, but it is as close as you can get.

The location is a great one from the standpoint of access: highway, GO Train, you name it.

Highway visibility here is great. Hence, naming rights here would go for a mint, helping the Ticats lots going forward.

I teach high school in Burlington, and know for a fact how popular football is at the secondary school level throughout Halton. Many of these kids and their families already commute to Hamilton for the occasional Ticat game, and will no doubt look into purchasing season tickets at the Aldershot location.

If this deal happens, Hamilton's City Council just blew a prime opportunity to invest in this city through the construction of a stadium, and reap the benefits of several future Grey Cups. Nice job, idiots!

WOW, great news,Boy this is one big roller coaster ride of emotions.
You know that Caretaker has too much class to use this site to put pressure on the city,like alot of other pro sports owners would.I suspect there is alot of fire with this smoke.
Best case scenario if they have to move. :thup:
Now I'll wait for the next devastating news to come :wink:

Somebody help me. I live in Cambridge. Is the majority opinion in Hamilton against Bob Young and the 'Cats? Almost all the comments on the Spec story on the Spec website are anti-Bob. Wow!

The ironic thing is that if the Province didn't stab Hamilton in the back and renege on it's Regional government structure back in the early '70s, Aldershot would be part of Hamilton today instead of Burlington and this discussion and angst would be moot.

re The Spec and anti-BY/TiCat sentiment... a bunch of bozos that have been responding to many stadium-related stories and probably trolling from the RTH and "Our Future, Our Hamilton, We're Screwed" sites.

The amount of misinformation and outright lies being spewed is truly amazing but it makes them feel good so what can you do.

Good for Bob and the Ticats. I hope this happens. Then the Ticats wont have to deal with hamiltons polititians anymore.

If this happens I am all for tearing down IWS. This city council is so concerned about money - no need for a stadium that costs 2M per year to maintain when we dont even have a team. Bring the wreckingball and sell the land.

You can use the future fund to cleanup the Rheem site so Fred's bosnian friend can cash in with his condos. Yeah great victory...

Hey the New York Jets and Giants moved across the Hudson river into East Rutherford NJ a long time ago and both teams are still thriving. I know we dont have a population base of 19,000,000 to draw fans from but this is actually one of the best case scenarios that could have happened to the Ticats, with easy access to the stadium to boot!

yes and it was mentioned earlier that the Buffalo Bills are NOT in Buffalo and the Miami Dolphins are not in Miami.

Miami, New York, Buffalo and many other NFL teams draw from the region around the city. Hamilton has never been able to do that - and its all been down to a stadium in a bad area that's hard to get to. There are probably Thousands of fans that will get on the highway and head to Aldershot but wouldn't go anywhere near downtown Hamilton.

But this can't be true - it does NOTHING to help out the downtown core :twisted:

But a stadium downtown would do nothing to help out the core!! To help out the downtown the city has to do things like lowering business taxes and encouraging them to locate downtown. Create something like a tax free zone.
A stadium downtown wouldn’t help one bit. It would be like Copps - fans would come down for a game and leave straight after.