The Bump

Here it is for those that missed it
I think the League and the CFLPA will discuss this with Austin

I love it. Thanks Grov.
But you know if that was a player doing that to Stala he would have chewed him a new one.

His punishment could be,
He will have to spend a day with ArgoBoy and his Mom!!

There's a growing perception that HAM is now cocky, dirty, arrogant and thus hated. Austin's demeanor , ZC's chirping , the balls in the stands and now this...

Team is no longer the plucky blue collar underdog with no respect. Team is now elite and in the crosshairs of haters, critics, and rivals.

Get used to it, folks.


That clip starts a split second too late, cutting off the bump by Stala on Banks.

The Idiot Stalla was just mouthing off at the Hamilton Bench, when you start that Crap you have to live with the end result so BOO HOO all you that think KA was out of line he was just letting Stalla know that he should not be there .
Good for him.

How much does Coach Austin get fined for this little stunt? Anyone remember what happened to Woody Hayes after he punched a player on the other team? :expressionless: Yes a punch is much more different than a shove but Coach Austin partially headed down that road :frowning:

Please do not feed into the media hype of this non-event. It wouldn't even be interesting otherwise. Let us not give the media hounds their "shove-gate." Please?

This is exactly the kind of thing that Drew Edwards loves to write about. Don't be shocked if he does.

Edit: He already has!

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While it isn't a HUGE deal, to say it is a non-event is wrong. A team's head coach dropped a shoulder into an opposing player. That is absolutely worthy of discussion. Austin will likely be fined for this and then we'll move on. It was a bit silly, though.

A media person trying to continue the media hype.

Football is an emotional game. Sometimes emotions get the better of people and they do things they normally wouldn't. This does not excuse KA's actions but at least explains them. He was obviously angry with the beak (aka DS) who, as I recall, while in Black and Gold returned the beaking of an AH fan out west while the national anthem was playing (I think it was in Winterpeg). To show such disrespect to your country is unforgiveable and I will always be a DS "hater" accordingly. Anything he receives on or off the football field is bad karma coming to bite him on the you know what for that disrespect.

There, said it. All you DS "lovers" flame away. :x :x :x


lol Karma, sure!

but on a side note. why are they targeting banks so much! he is a fantastic player but he isn't a large part of the offence.

was there something said prior to the first game?

I personally feel that other teams are trying to "take him out of the game" any way they can. He has been somewhat unstoppable on returns and, if they are successful in taking him out, it increases their chances of winning.

This, of course, is my personal opinion and I am not trying to libel any opposing players in particular.


I thought they were trying to hurt Banks deliberately last night. Unless they were genuinely concerned about the 150-pound guy continuing to move forward after being tackled and after the whistle was blown. Why else would they continue to pile on top of him every time? Combined with last week, there were too many cheap shots for it to be a coincidence.

Apparently the league is not concerned with an organized effort to intentionally injure one of its most exciting players.

If a coach’s shoulder gets more league attention than knees to the back, we’ll know that to be true.

try this one on for size...

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I am looking forward to Grover's anticipated thread (next week) about the fines that were leveled for this weekend's slate of games. It will be very interesting indeed to hear about who was slapped with a monetary penalty. :?

Can watch this over and over.

So funny

I think this one shows a bit more.

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Basically Stala nearly takes out Austin and then immediately starts chirping Banks.