the 'Buffalo' Spectator??

The cats and bills work together now so think of it as free publicity for the bills which helps the cats. Bob is hoping to convince ticat fans to go see the bills when the cats arent playing so any pub is good pub. Just think of the bills as our sister team and relax. it was just the bigger story on monday morning since the ticat game was played almost two days earlier.
Maybe the ticats were the lead story in buffalos papers? anybody check? I would like to see the cats as the lead but I think that it was too long a time and buffalos first loss of the season so it was the bigger story.

Yes, good point beetle, forgot about this partnership. And yes, without a Sunday paper, Saturday's news is old news, especially now in the age of instant Internet information. True enough.

Even before the Bills games in TO, the Star has been an NFL paper. It seems it's been that way for years now and it's one of the reasons I stopped subscribing. Maybe the Spec is headed in the same direction?

An Argo-Cat fan

How many N. Y. football fans drive up the Q.E to take in a CFL game???? Whats wrong here??? Whats Caretaker doing to fix it?

Torstar has a stake in The BIlls coming to Toronto...longterm...Im sure they have their hand in it.... Promote the Bullshit Spec... your a shitty ass paper anyway....

Spec has done this on numerous occasions aswell, cant remember but it always irks me.....

This bugged me too ... so I wrote a letter to the editor ...

[i]Saturday night my family and I attended the TiCats game. It's been a rough season, we
were on a 6 game losing streak and we were playing the East Division leading Montreal
Alouettes. Many were expecting a blow out game.

BUT we BEAT them! We beat them 44-38! It was an exciting and memorable game. So I
highly expected to see my beloved Cats on the cover of the Sports Section on Monday ...
imagine my surprise when I open Monday's paper and see ... The Buffalo Bills?!?! Who
didn't even win!?!?!

Last time I checked I had a subscription to the HAMILTON Spectator NOT the Buffalo
Spectator. I ask the Sports Editor to PUT THE CATS ON THE COVER next time they have an
improbable (to use Ken Peter's term) win ... THEY are the HOME team not Buffalo!

A Disappointed Ticat Fan & Spec Reader[/i]

Mr. Young doesn't believe in print media. The Cats are on the front cover of his news publication that is called
The Spectator can do what it wants and you can choose to buy or not to buy.

To be honest, does print media even really count in today's day and age even though it is read still by lots of adults who grew up with it? The younger generation probably doesn't even know what the term 'print media' means.

If it bugs us fans, HOW do the Ti Cats Players feel about it??? and this goes further than PrintMedia, Radio adds in ST Kitts are promoting Bill games by trashtalking TiCats Smaller Crowds.( without mentioning their name). SEE its NOT about the Football game its all about being in a big crowd.

In a word, YES. At least to an organization like the Ticats that want to draw from the entire community, not just the 20- and 30-something sports obsessives. To be successful, the Ticats need their games to be a community event and a social thing, not just something for die-hard football fans.

I know the habits of the "social ticket buyer" rises the ire of some here, but difference between 15,000 and a sellout is whether you get that crowd out. So you need them.

There are countless people in the Ticat drawing area that don't go looking for CFL news - they get it when it finds them. They watch the Channel 11 news, they get the Spec delivered or see it at work, and they might listen to a local radio stadium. They don't do any of those things to find out about the Ticats - it's the local media and they want to know if it's going to rain, if the highway is backed up and what's on sale at Fortinos. The Ticats have to get the best coverage in those places that they can get.

I noticed the Bills thing as I flipped through my paper and my immediate reaction was mild disappointment. The "water cooler" talk, and the "witty" radio/tv personality banter in recent weeks has all been about what a joke the Cats are, and they've deserved a lot of that. But because the "opinion leaders" are a bit behind the mental curve on anything with any nuance, they won't be talking the Cats up until half a season after they start to win. A front page, even if only the front page of the Sports section, celebrating an impressive win is the kind of positive that would help to get the average Hamiltonian to notice that things might be looking up.

boycot All tostar product

As anyone who has travelled in the States can attest to, you will not find anything but the home team on the front of the sports page, no matter what sport, it is always the home side. You usually have to bore down at least 3 pages to find any mention of a team from anywhere else.

I was recently in Boston when Carl Yastremski had his bi-pass surgery. It was on the front page of every paper, cripes it was the whole front page in Boston. The sports section had more about it up front, then the Red Socks, then the Pats, who were still in training camp at the time, and even an article about the Bruins and the Celtics. The next few pages were reports of the major sports elswhere. The rest of the sports section was pretty much "filler" small articles and stats (even had CFL standings) etc. That is how a hometown newspaper should cover sports.

Judging the number of "Yankees S**ck" (yeah they use that term) T shirts on the streets, you will never see a story about the Bronx Bombers on the front page of the sports in Bean Town.

Talking about St. Kitts, and for that matter London, Woodstock, Kitchener, Brantford, Kingston etc. basically any town or city in Canada although probably much more so in southern Ontario where we are so close to the States and large American cities, I always find it funny, hilarious when they trash talk the CFL that it is small, insignificant and that. I guess some people have to do that when you’re from a place that doesn’t have a CFL team even, if makes them feel important and part of a big city. I remember my nephew in London doing this and I quickly replied back “but London doesn’t even have the money or population for a CFL team.” He quipped “yea, we don’t want a CFL team anyways.” But it’s easier for people who don’t live in big cities to associate themselves more with bigger things to make them feel important and put down smaller things as part of this. Personally, I think it makes people look stupid who do this.

Point taken, but you could say the same thing about a lot of people in CFL cities. I'm always surprised when I meet someone that hates the CFL - they don't just not watch it or follow it, they hate and want it not to exist.

How small can a person get? Unless you live next to stadium, it's ridiculously easy to live your life in Hamilton or Toronto or Montreal with the CFL having almost zero impact on you. At most, if you are a sports fan, you might have to watch a few minutes of highlights on TV a few nights a week. If that's the grounds for hating something and wanting it not to exist, again, how small can a person get.

The case for a CFL fan hating the NFL is a bit better - they see a real threat. The case for hating the Leafs is a bit better again - they blanket the media in this area in a way that's harder to avoid. And their fans are idiots. :wink:

Re leaf fans, SUNDIN S...S!!!!! ALways did lmao, maybe now he,s gone i can stomach watching them once in a while :cowboy:

Good points section. Weird, I don't think there is any sport or league I hate, I just don't follow some that's all. But true, some Canadians do in fact, as you say, seem to hate the CFL, more than just not following it. And yet it's a league, our league, that's been around for decades playing for a great Canadian trophy. I just don't get the hate part, not wanting to follow it because it's not the "big leagues" or whatever, fine, but this hate-on thing is totally weird.

Self loathing, I guess. The mixture of low self-esteem and high ego is a particularly toxic one.

Hey, maybe the psychologists out there have a formula for the more things you actually deep-down hate in life, the more messed up you are in your head. Who knows? :wink: