the 'Buffalo' Spectator??

ok..whats with the Buffalo Bills being in the cover of the Spectator Sports section this morning?
last time I ckecked ,I live in HAMILTON..
We come off a big surprising win on Saturday,and the Spec has the nerve to put the Bills on the sports cover page.
I don't care if the Cats are last,middle of the pack,first place,win or lose..they are HAMILTON'S team and should have been on the cover this morning.
I wouldn't have minded if the Cats played on Friday and the spec had the cats on Saturday's paper,but this mornings paper was the first issue after the Cats won on Saturday!

to the are named 'The HAMILTON Spectator'!..incase you forgot

I needed to vent!..better now! :slight_smile:

It doesnt really matter to me, but hey whatever floats your boat, get upset over a newpaper if you like.

I see where he's coming from.

Unless the Bills win the Superbowl, there's really no reason they should be on the cover of our sports section. I'd rather see a Hamilton Red Wings spread on the cover than that.

Canadian...well, seems to want to give the NFL all the free exposure it can. Should've been a monster profile on Prechae or Porter.

that kinda pisses me off. and im with catfan i really dont care if they put the bills on the cover when we suck, and play horrible, but after the game we had on saturday? come on spec show some loyalty.

Actually that really did tick me off. They plaster us on the cover when we lose, but can’t put a nice shot on when we win. I don’t give a flying fig about the stupid Buffalo Bills.

Funny, stuff like that usually doesn't bother me, but today it did. Like others I pulled the sports section out of the paper to read first, and low and behold, the Bills are on the cover. Really should have been the Cats from Saturdays game, win or lose. Doesn't help much that I hate the Bills I guess!

Sad really but the Spec is owned by TorStar (Toronto Star) I think and they have to push the Bills big-time, don't think the Dec. 7 game in T.O. is sold-out.
Just another example of big business rules first and everything else, politics, culture etc. second.

Also, notice the very small hidden reports of the other CFL games.

Its really easy, Hello Spectator please cancel my subscription. Thanks

They'd notice fast enough, I cancelled mine years ago because of this kind of thing and they've been calling me ever since.

I don't subscribe, get it free at work though I buy the Saturday edition most of the time. Yes, couldn't believe the small coverage given to the other CFL games.

I was thinking exactly the same thing. The Cat's win the biggest game of the season and the BUFFALO Bills are on the cover of the HAMILTON Spectator? What's up with that? I would complain to the Spectator and cancel my subscription. This is a Hamilton paper, not Toronto and certainly no Buffalo.

I have complained to the Spectator for years, doesn't do a wit of good, Ken Peters is still there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe Bob Young can start a new news paper in Hamilton. That way the Cats can be on the front cover all year long! :thup:

Have to agree - The sports editor and the moron who decided to tar the roof of the new school on the west side of the stadium are absolutely brainless. This is a simple case of checking what id happening before you schedule the job - the news paper editor should realize this a CFL city. Who cares if the Bill's blow a highly improbable perfect season.

Add my name to the fight, here folks. It was absolutely inappropriate and insulting to give the front page of the Sports section to a distant, non-CFL nonentity like the City-of-Losers Bills. The TIger-Cats had a great game on Saturday night, and they deserved to be the Top Story. Another dumb Spooktater move. They don't seem to get it. What a shame!

8) You think it's bad now !! Wait a few more days, and all you will see on the front sports page will be the Joke Leafs !!!
  They will automatically bump the Cats to page 2 or 3  !!!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  Guaranteed  !!!

You got it brother.

Again, the media trying to manipulate our minds.

I actually thought it would be mentioned on the front page. To not have it on the front of the sports page is inexcusable.

While I agree with the posters that this is Wrong…with a capital “W” and insulting to the fans of Hamilton…quite frankly you are preaching to the converted (for the most part) here.

Write or email a letter to the editor pointing out the obvious!

Newspapers respond to the pulse of the readership. Right Now, and yes they are owned by Torstar, Toronto thinks they have a good thing going with the Bills coming to Toronto…after all they are spending a small fortune advertising it in their paper. :roll:

Again…let your voice be heard and let the paper know how you feel.

While I agree that it was totally wrong for the Buffalo Speculator to not put our team on the front page of either Section A or the Sports section I think I understand their (admittedly warped) logic.

You see a morning newspaper, which doesn't even print a Sunday edition, has a hard time being current, especially on Mondays. A story from two days before (Saturday), in an editor's mind at least, would naturally have less weight than a story from one day before. It's a natural reaction, especially in this internet age, for a print newspaper to weight their stories importance by how "fresh" they are.

I'm sure if the Cats had played on Sunday and the Buffalo Losers had played on Saturday you would have seen priority treatment of the Hamilton story.

Again though, I am still disappointed. :cry: